Saturday, March 7, 2009

It was an accident, I swear!

You know, mischievous people and Polaroid cameras make a nice match. Of course, mischievous people with Polaroids tend to document their way into the court system. I'd like to think this shot was taken by Tiffany, who just couldn't resist the call of her parent's camera when they left it unattended. I'd also suspect that a chase occurred soon after this photo was taken.

This tidbit comes from an upcoming strip, which was by far the hardest coloring job yet - if not the hardest one in the whole arc. Trying to capture "surprised person caught by a flash at night while a house burns behind him" is understandably difficult. I hope I did a decent enough job. I also know I never ever want to be a colorist. Hey, it was a rewarding experience and I am content with the results.

The only real negative is my penmanship. Autumn (that's her writing) writes in far neater and stylish cursive than I. Unfortunately, that's like TV writers writing for genius characters. Those geniuses can only be as smart as the writer can write. I'm not saying anything about writers here, but... *cough*

Today's coloring work was also rewarding in that I am now over a week ahead in strips. 14 down; 22 to go.

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