Wednesday, December 31, 2014

6 years old! + New Copper Road!

Six years ago, the first Precocious update went live. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was happy to do it! Today, I... well, that hasn't really changed. (The comics are better drawn now, though!) Thanks to all of you for keeping me going! Shall we aim for seven years? More???

To celebrate six years, I've done a little update with the Precocious store!  As long as I'm feeling festive, copies of book 3, and the book combo pack, are on sale for $5 less that usual!  (For those just starting out, or looking to indoctrinate others, the colorful book 3 is meant to be an ideal starting point.)

I'm also testing the idea of an original comic art grab bag. For a reduced price, you can get random piece original comic art from my "these are special" pile.

(All other store updates will wait until the end of the Kickstarter fulfillment, likely at the end of the month. For the backers who are still waiting, make sure you've been checking the campaign updates. I'll need some feedback from the art burst orders soon!)

Since this is the first of the month, there's a new Copper Road too! Vote here to see it!  (Even if TWC seems to have failed to reset, you get your comic on time.) One of the positives of me being fully unable to move through live without bumbling even the most basic things is that my constant failures often translate well into Copper Road scripts! I wrote this script a couple months back, but it gets the new year's duty because I managed to do the spice move again this week. Man, I'm glad 2014 is dead. It was mean to me. I spit on its grave!

As it's a new month as well as a new year, that means last month's Copper Roads are now in the Copper Road archive! Enjoy them again, folks! If you're looking for the Cylon sub bonus strips, all you need to do is scroll down the front page to see them.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Bonus Scene! 12/29/14

So where *is* that 7th copy, anyway?  I set up the scene to add a little mystery... Was there one covering the exit?  Are these Ms. Timid's sisters, letting her stay home and safe? Did Quincy kidnap one? I suppose this is as good an answer as any!  Vote here to see it!

By the way, can you figure out which copy is which?  Also, a Tiffany hunt is a great way to thin out the herd! ("The six Vengeneers assumed it would be a simple mission... None survived.") Nah, I'm not that dark.  Unless Carl draws that one comic he keeps threatening to draw. Then it's ON.

EDIT:  I'm putting the deleted scenes from this story here in this post, since it's already on the front page with a snazzy picture! These three bonuses are all *maybe* canon, so they're here for fun jokes, even if they don't get immortalized as official plot points.

2106, part two:

2115, part two:

2122, with bonus ending:

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Double-cross(over)!?

It's a Chrispmas miracle!

After I goofed around and threw something inspired by Ginger from Ginger's Bread in my comic, a version of Autumn then showed up in Ginger's Bread. And then I went silly with the Gingers in Precocious. And now there's a silly Ginger's Bread bonus comic about me being silly with Gingers in Precocious! We're just having fun with people trying to find cross-comic continuity now. (No, the universes aren't actually connected.)

Oh, and if you're one of those monsters who don't check the front page news constantly, a new bonus scene of my making went up on TWC this week!

Monday, December 22, 2014

New Bonus Scene! 12/22

Since this story hasn't had enough Autumn-taunting yet, extra bonus comics were needed! Vote here to see it! (I hope TWC is displaying this one properly. If not, check back in the morning.) Turns out that trying to sell out classmates doesn't win hearts and minds as well as bribery and 'Stand and Deliver' motivation.

A reminder: Bonus/Deleted scenes do not go in the online archive. They're bonuses made for active supporters who help bring new readers to Precocious via voting - and, later, those who invest in me by purchasing the books, which contain these extra comics, along with piles of other bonus material. (Also suggested methods of support: Word of mouth, disabling ad block and buying books for people!) I'm not sure if these extra comics for this story will make a book, though, so I'll probably put them on the front page for the January 1st news post.

Friday, December 19, 2014

New Copper Road! 12/20

UPDATE:  It apparently showed up at midnight west coast time! That also happened the last time this glitch appeared. Interesting! Especially since the TWC people claim they don't use the west coast time anymore! Woop woop!  Anyway, I'll leave the original post as it was, below:

Hey, folks! Apparently TopWebComics is still glitching on me, so my new incentive isn't actually appearing yet. Still, I'm going to post this and ask you try voting anyway.  (Vote here to MAYBE see the new comic.) Every time the site has glitched on me, the incentive did eventually appear. I'm curious about WHEN it actually shows up. (Is it only after a certain time zone passes over to midnight?) If you vote and see the comic, post a comment under today's comic to let me know!  ("It's still not there!" comments are only useful once an hour.)

For the record, I uploaded the new Copper Road at 8pm eastern US time. It works from my TWC incentive control panel, so I know it's there. Somewhere the code isn't making a connection correctly. I've sent another email to TWC about the issue, and I'm hoping this time I'll get a reply more helpful than, "Tech support says nothing is wrong." Because all the complaints are just us having a mass hallucinations? (It's hard to be optimistic about a support staff when sending messages to their email address returns an automated error message.)

I guess a tech support nightmare is a proper way to end my little "nightmares turned reality" series of Copper Roads.  I hope you've had fun watching lives be ruined!  (By the way, my wake-up jolt this morning was a wasp flying into my face... in my bathroom. That's a good summary of my 2014, the year when my nightmares became my everyday reality!)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

New Bonus Comic! 12/13/14

Now that TWC has de-glitched and is displaying the bonus, I can make this post! And you can vote here to see me being silly!

So here's a brief recap of the origin of the Gingers: Cartoonists put little in-jokes into their work all the time, and in this case Carl from Ginger's Bread and I ended up with some sort of character trade thing, with him taking Autumn. They are not meant as direct ports from one universe to the other, as those universes aren't connected. We each have control over our borrowed character and do whatever we want with them. (Within reason, and it's always proper to run it by the other first.)

I sent Carl and email previewing the story when I made the joke that became this bonus comic. Proper Ginger has a last name that makes things awkward, as it's MINE TOO.  I sidestepped it, with extra-cleverness, for this Precocious story - but I wanted to make a quick nod to the name thing anyway. And thus a bonus comic was born!

Back to the character trade thing: Carl went and wrote a story for Autumn and put her into continuity. As for me?  Meh. I started by being reckless and threw Ginger's iconic hair in as filler on whims - and so the myth of multi-Ginger began.  Is it all coming together now?

Monday, December 1, 2014

New Copper Road! 12/1/14

First off, a plug for the guest star in today's comic. The *original* Mat (and Precocious guest strip artist) is rebooting his comic, Badly Drawn Kitties, starting today. Bookmark the site and enjoy the fresh introduction! (By the way, BDK can deal with adult themes, so you've been warned.)

And now for the main event: The living nightmare that is my comic continues! Vote here to see the latest deep dark fears of my cast made manifest!

UPDATE: The Copper Road archive now has last month's comics in it! Go and enjoy them again, or catch up if you're a monster who didn't vote enough.