Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Gingerfoxes

Update: Now with less typos and more links!

You may have some questions about today's comic, so here's a bit of story time!

Cameos are fun things, and cartoonists do them to play with friends and make new ones - most are just background characters.  That's how I started, by making Ginger's Beer. Ginger's Bread isn't remotely close to being Precocious's universe, being humans and all, so I furrified Ginger. (It was once a threat, then a cruel reality.)

The joke was that Precocious Gingerfox was good at business too! Was she just a spokesmodel? Was she the owner of her company? It didn't matter. It was all in good fun.

And then Autumn (and Bud, to a lesser extent) popped up in Ginger's Bread as humans - with Ginger starting the whole nemesis thing by stealing Autumn's fox hat. (Which is something I desperately want!) We had a good thing going!

Then I screwed it all up. I was set to give someone a random cameo in a random Precocious strip about the kids destroying a substitute teacher. Well, the person I was giving the cameo to annoyed me the day I drew it, so I instead threw in the first recognizable character I could think of - and Gingerfox is very distinctive!

Problem is... this one acted NOTHING like Ginger, and counteracted my own GingerCorp character. So...  now I have two Gingerfoxes - neither of which could match actual Ginger.  Carl's guest strip eventually gave me a THIRD Ginger, to reinforce the nemesis joke that he, being a better cartoonist, had kept consistent. (And I had fueled it in my own guest strip for him.)

Today we get Ginger #4 - who, having been informed by her sisters of the antagonism, decided to escalate things.  Oh, and Gingerfox and RealGinger both wearing 4 shirts this week was a happy coincidence. We were chatting as we made comics, and discovered we were drawing the same thing for different reasons.  I changed the color of the shirt in my comic to match his to make it more fun.

I haven't decided yet if there are seven or eight Gingerfoxes in the Precociousverse - considering this is more of a cartoonist joke than actual subplot, I feel little pressure to make anything truly canon.  This is more to amuse me (and him) but I hope you are amused as well.

It should be noted that, at this point, Gingerfox and HumanAutumn are treated as part of the comic they appear in.  RealGinger operates a bakery, and I don't think any of mine do. My Autumn never ages, but HumanAutumn will, as she is governed by Gingerverse laws - and Carl is free to play with her, wherever it goes. Since Precocious is a bit crazier, I'm not creating anything too epic - just occasional background jokes or putting Autumn through a Scott Pilgrim thing because I think it's funny.

Both situations are nothing more than very minor characters, used for fun.  We let each other know what's coming, and don't do anything nuts or mean. If anything bad happens between us, like me stealing his cat or him seducing my mother, these minor minor minor characters just won't pop up again. We cool. We funnin'.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hey, my 1000th blog post!

I'm not counting the 10 unposted drafts - so this is a legit 1000! Woo!  To celebrate this milestone, we have... a regular post-stream art-sharing post!

The card piece in the post below was pushed back to next week, because the client was sick and couldn't attend, so we filled up the night with the badge (will post it later - 1001!), card requests and an increasingly loopy Chrispy. I fought through the pain for you people, because I love you and want to entertain!

The Ursula saxophone card was the night's warm-up. (She has so much in common with Bill Clinton.) Knowledge Huntress Tiff was drawn during a commission break. She must have been playing with the time machine again, as she seems older.  The Kaitlyn and Quincy one is the result of me not paying enough attention - I thought I was playing with portfolio requests, so I messed around with the idea, but it was supposed to be a commission. (It's easy for me to miss stuff when my eyes are focused on drawing, so I encourage you all to yell at me until I notice.)

These are all up for grabs. $10 each!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kendall's card trouble

UPDATE: The coloring of this piece was pushed to next week, because the client got sick.  Check Precocious' front page for an announcement of when the stream will happen.

I have absolutely no idea how I pulled it off, but I did it! I got the inks done! I can color this tonight as planned!  If you want a full explanation of what's going on, you'll have to come to tonight's stream at 7pm Eastern time. I'll be starting with a badge, then moving on to this piece.

And now I rest my hand as much as I can before 7pm.

Also, this is my 999th blog post.  That's kinda cool.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday ATC sale!

(More cards here)

Claimed card(s): Ivy and Pingoball, Dionne in snow, LARP Quincy, Running Vincent, Agent Autumn, Kaitlyn drawing and Knowledge Huntress Tiff.

Hey, what the heck? Let's have some shopping fun! This isn't so much of a sale - as I can't reasonably reduce prices any lower than they already are - but a reminder that I have some stock sitting around! So, yeah, I'm calling it Cyber Monday purely to get attention, even though this promotion will go on until I do my pricing reset next year.

As of posting this, all cards in the above graphic are unclaimed and up for grabs. They are first come, first serve. I'll update the text down here on card availability when needed.  To claim a card, send your payment via Paypal to chrispco (at) yahoo (dot) com with a note on which card you desire. You can also email me with questions, or call dibs or whatever. (There's a small chance a card can be claimed between you submitting payment, me checking email and this post being updated . If that happens you get a backup choice, or I'll add you to the queue for a custom card later.)

As a reminder, I also make custom cards for you over my streams. It's wise to reserve one in advance, as pre-sales also dictate *when* I stream, as I'll try to fit your schedule.  Right now Tuesday's stream is full, but you can grab a spot for next week.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Vanbael con badge inks

Here are the inks for my MWFF homework badge. I'll be coloring this one over Tuesday's stream. The inking is intentionally light for badges. Once all the marker work is done, I'll go over the badge again with a larger pen and make the lines bolder.

He's thinking of bacon and has a D20 on his shirt (and, yes, I dug out my old dice bag to make sure it's accurate) - so he basically wins the internet.

Commission streaming Tuesday!

I promised to start with commissions again after Thanksgiving, and here we go! On Tuesday I will be drawing a con badge owed from Midwest FurFest and tackling the complex full-page commission of the above sketch. (UPDATE:  The above piece got pushed back a week. Here are the final inks, if you need temptation to come next time and see it colored.)

My current approach to handling commissions is to set up a queue, drawing a few a week over the streams. Each stream will cover two or three marker commissions, with art card requests filling any unpaid time. As always, I will be chatting and answering viewer questions. Read more on the Buy Stuff page. Tuesday's queue is full, but the rest of the future is still open. I'll edit this post if/when that changes.

I can add a second day for streaming if there's demand - and my schedule can flex slightly for clients who want to see their work done outside the usual streaming times. If you don't want to see your work drawn, or we can't work out the timing, I will still draw it over the stream unless you tell me not to.  Streaming helps me balance my commission and comic work, while allowing me to build a stronger Precocious community and provide some entertainment!  (And you guys get to both inspire me with your chatting *and* keep me on task!)

I still don't have a set weekly streaming day - and it seems pointless to try to settle on one during holiday-packed December - but these front page posts (and the schedule on my Ustream page) will show you the way, as well as list my current queue.

And, while I have you, the next Copper Road will be appearing on December 1st. The convention, holiday and my ongoing dental disaster slowed me down, so I need the time to try rebuilding a buffer for Precocious.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Buy Stuff page!

Hi, my name's Chrispy, and I am a haunted soul! (Y'all like the badge I whipped up for MFF?)

So many hours spent on site stuff today. I'm all zombied up now, but I hope this new page is helpful. It's probably better for me to consolidate all the notes on merchandise, commissions, streaming and conventions into one page. There's a lot more to do with that page/concept - such as setting up a system for selling original art - but it feels good to make a dent in the list.

At least this was an "easy" page to code. I'm slowly chipping away on the new cast page, but I sadly have little progress to report. If you guys beg me, I can post a preview of one idea I'm working with over on the sketch blog later. Maybe I should just post the pictures with names and add in the descriptions at a later date. (That's still a massive job, by the way, so please don't yell at me for going slow on a lower-priority page.) At least I hunted down the part of the CSS that was accidentally grossing up the body text with my menu/headers font.

It'll be months before I'm able to get all secondary pages up to standard, but I figure keeping up with the comics, the art and the whole second book project is probably the best way to go.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thank you, Midwest Furfest!

Look! Look! Badges by me everywhere! These people are heroes!

I had such a wonderful time getting to meet so many great people, and being able to draw so many awesome characters! You folks did so much for my self-esteem. I never could have imagined selling out of commission slots or having a line of people at my table in only my first year of conventioneering. I cannot thank you all enough!

I'll be posting some of the work I did over on my FA account through the next week. I was working so hard, I forgot to snap pics of half the commissions I drew - so if you got something from me, I'd appreciate it if you could scan it and link me to it!

For those who came by on Sunday when my queue was full, I said I would start drawing commissions again after Thanksgiving, and that will indeed happen! Feel free drop me an email now and set things up.  The next commission stream is currently scheduled for Tuesday the 27th - assuming I get commissions for it. Otherwise, it'll be a restocking-the-art-cards stream. I'll try to create a bare-bones commissions/store page for this site in the next week to make it easier for everyone.

Super thanks to Mat of Ask BDK, who volunteered to be my table buddy for the con. Your hand-drawn business cards were the best things - and thank you so much for letting me ride your coattails and hang with all the best people! Super thanks as well to the Code Name: Hunter team for convincing me to attend the con. You might not have been able to be there with me, but it's because of you things have gone so well!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Midwest Furfest WAS AWESOME!

Full review coming later, once I come down from the high, but I give much love and praise to the people of MFF. I don't know if I've ever felt more loved!

Will all the recent streaming pay off? I've got some stuff! I've got the heart! I HAVE THE LAST COPIES OF THE BOOK WITH ME! Please help me sell them out, and do it in fancy artist edition fashion! (If you already have book one, bring  it and I'll sign it or even sketch in it!) I'm also offering a bunch of commissions, including Artist trading cards, Character badges, Watercolors (take-home only), marker commissions and the swag bag stuff!

I'll spend most of my time hanging out at table 15 89 (they moved my table), with Mat of Badly Drawn Kitties/Ask BDK.  I'll be in or around the dealer's room for the full time Friday and Saturday. I must leave before the Dealer's Den closes on Sunday to catch my flight, so don't wait until the last minute!

As long as wi-fi is kind, I'll be posting my updates over on my Twitter account.

November 16-18 in the Hyatt Regency O'Hare, Rosemont, IL. Be there.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Copper Road! 11/13/12

So now the Copper Road fun continues! In this comic, we melt little Ursula's brain! Vote here to see it!

There may not be a Copper Road next week due to con hangover and holiday traveling. We'll see.

Edit: Yup, too much end of November chaos. Copper Road will be back on December 1st, with an archive update coming as well!

Midwest FurFest this weekend!

(scroll up for the updated version)

Will all the recent streaming pay off? I've got some stuff! I've got the heart! I HAVE THE LAST COPIES OF THE BOOK WITH ME! Please help me sell them out, and do it in fancy artist edition fashion! (If you already have book one, bring  it and I'll sign it or even sketch in it!) I'm also offering a bunch of commissions, including Artist trading cards, Character badges, Watercolors (take-home only), marker commissions and the swag bag stuff!

I'll spend most of my time hanging out at table 15, with Mat of Badly Drawn Kitties/Ask BDK.  There isn't a map of the dealer's room out, as far as I can tell, so even knowing my number means you'll probably have to wander around and find me. I am worth the quest! I'll be in or around the dealer's room for the full time Friday and Saturday. I must leave before the Dealer's Den closes on Sunday to catch my flight, so don't wait until the last minute!

As long as wi-fi is kind, I'll be posting my updates over on my Twitter account.

November 16-18 in the Hyatt Regency O'Hare, Rosemont, IL. Be there.

Tree hugging!

Er, hugging and tree? Anyway, enjoy these half-page commission examples!

Monday, November 12, 2012

We know who the best bears are

Oh, Kool-ala, you are the best bear - and you do it without even really being a bear!


Your reaction to this pic is a pretty good determination on if you are a furry con attendee or a dealer.

Kimono arctic fox

Another sketch for a potential portfolio piece!

Scaredy cat

A sketch for a potential piece to be drawn over tonight's stream. Scared Siamese kitty jumped up into a tree!

Uno sketches

Got a badge commission to complete in tonight's stream, and here are the sketches for it!  Uno is a wolfyote kid who loves reading. (At least I think "Uno" is going on the badge... probably should confirm that.)

Streaming officially starts at 8pm tonight.  I may show up early to get sketching and inks done for the main event. Depends on how good I am at working this afternoon.

Also, if you are reading this Monday afternoon, keep checking back. More sketches are likely to appear over the next few hours.

Monday night streaming! 8PM EST

Midwest FurFest is THIS WEEK, and I still have some commission examples to finish before I go! So, hey, who wants to hang out with me while I art and give me feedback on how to art my art so it's super art?

I will be working on watercolors and half-page marker commissions. It's not Precocious stuff, but it's art and it's fun. The streaming page is here:

Art begins at 8pm! If I get the samples done early, I'll do my typical art card requests.

This is the last stream until my con/holiday travels are over, by the way. (And sorry for the late announcement. Didn't decide to do it until just now.)

Sunday, November 11, 2012


I should share here too! With me heading towards a furry con next week, I must furry up my portfolio again! Today I knocked out a few sample badges that will hopefully entice folks into buying their own. (Thanks to Codefox and Roguebfl for lending me their characters.)

And here's a badge commission I did over Thursday's stream. Might as well include it in the badge post. It's cute!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Maneki badge sketches

I needed a sample badge for my MFF portfolio, so here's work on one, featuring a character supplied by a reader. The character hasn't been drawn before, so I'm sketching far more than normal to see if I hit on something useful.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Saturday afternoon stream - MFF prep!

Thanks for coming! I may do one more stream before MFF, so keep checking this spot!

Midwest Furfest is next week, and I am sooooo not prepared! I don't know how I'm packing, and I'm low on commission examples. That's where you come in! Streaming is wonderful motivation, thanks to the great interaction with all the chatters! (I appreciate those who just watch as well. So happy for all who come!) I need to make four art cards (last night's haul is pictured above), at least one badge, two watercolor babes and a half-page character commission before I do my final packing on Wednesday. Welp, time to stream! Saturday is the only day I can do it before the full panic sets in, so Saturday it is!

I'm setting the stream time as 4pm, so those meddling Europeans can watch without wrecking their sleep schedules. It'll go until my hand falls off. You can find the stream here:

Thursday, November 8, 2012

James inked badge

Inked card for the James character badge! Tonight, in my stream... figuring out how to color it!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Copper Road! 11/7/12

Also: Steaming Thursday evening! Scroll down for the info!

So I just learned that new My Little Pony episodes are about to start. No, I clearly have not been paying attention. Anyway, since I did have *one* Pony-related Copper Road, why not play with it! Those who are not pony watchers should read it too! You won't be harmed, and you will find someone to sympathize with.

Vote here to read the new comic!

Thursday streaming! (And MFF!)

Another week, another Thursday stream! This one is starting an hour earlier, 7PM Eastern time, to drive a few of you mad, and make another few of you happy. Steams usually run from three to four hours.

Since you folks keep buying art cards, I have to keep making more! (This is a WONDERFUL problem to have!) I'll mostly focus on them, and I might draw a badge commission or two during the stream as well.

Click here to visit the stream page! I love chatting with everyone, so come with questions and card ideas! You don't need an account to chat, although I recommend one so you can follow me and get streaming reminders in your email!

I'm still trying to figure out the *perfect* time for streaming, but it seems pointless to set up a schedule with me bouncing around the rest of November. I'll be in Chicago, rocking Midwest FurFest, from the 16th to 18th. (Come by! Last chance to get a sketch in you book for many months!) Then it's Thanksgiving time, so I'll be visiting friends and family. As you might guess, there probably won't be much streaming those two weeks.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

James sketches

(click for the full-sized image)

Here are some sketches for a character badge. James is a sweetie angora cat who never goes anywhere without his towel! Enjoy a simple mix of towel placement and kitty v Precociousness. As always, I can frankensketch, by combining the best parts of individual sketches into something awesome.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Commissions and bonus comics!

Now that all slots for swag bags and cast cards have been claimed, the fundraiser shifts to full commission mode! Let's go over what's available! (If you're interested, drop me a note!)

Note: My usual super-fast turnaround times won't always be in effect. Due to convention and holiday traveling, I need to work hard on building Precocious' buffer in addition to all usual work. I will likely take one day a week and work only on commissions, in addition to all commissions done via streaming.

Artist trading cards! - Click the link to see a current collection of cards.  These cards are $10 each and I tend to stream their completion. You can claim any of the available ones, or request something new. Cards are 2.5x3.5" and come in a protective case.

Character badges! - Want to see your character drawn in my style? These badges are 3x4" and cost $15. They come in a badge holder. (No clip, unless you pick it up in person at a convention, due to postage concerns.) These may also be streamed.

Watercolors! - Fancy stuff! These are one-figure commissions, and that figure can be my character, your character, a pet or just some cool animal.  I'm flexible.  Watercolors are $30 for an 8.5x5.5" piece.

Swag bags! - Wait, what? So, it turns out I was sent the wrong kind of envelopes when I ordered them way back when. They aren't the self-sealers I wanted, BUT the box I did get had five more envelopes than what I ordered. So... swagging is still technically possible.  $25 for all the button and magnets, plus an art card.

Larger marker commissions (up to 9x12") are available too, but you have to email your ideas to me to get a quote.  Prices start at $25 for a 6x9" one-character piece and go from there.

What are we working towards? Bonus comics! I've been developing a story with 15 double-size pages, and I will make it for you if the bar on the front page fills up.  If you guys keep active and help me pay bills, then I will give some love back!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The book has SOLD OUT online

UPDATED: I thank you, kind readers, for finishing off RCSI's stash of Precocious books and making their upcoming move easier. I remind you, I *will* have a few books to sell at Midwest FurFest. (Chicago, Nov 16-18. SEE YOU THERE!) After MFF, though, it might take a while before book one is back in stock online. You'll get a followup in early December, when RCSI's up and running in its new location.

RCSI's other title, the amazing Code Name: Hunter, is still having its clearance sale, with its books too, so grab them now at a price so low it's criminal! You have until Friday to grab your copies. Then the store will be closing until December. Act now!

Artist Trading Cards: Collected!

With the swag bags selling out, all that's left to grab are commissions, and these artist trading cards are one of the options! If you see a star in the corner of a card, that means they are still available for purchase. Each is $10, and they come in a hard protective card sleeve.

EDIT: The Yvette witch, Dionne ice cream, scheming Bud, rainy Jacob and Autumn cloning cards are taken. (I am too lazy to reupload the image with the changes. Deal with it!)

Want me to create a custom one for you? No problem! I normally do a couple every streaming session, and paid work gets priority. (Next stream is Thursday, by the way.)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Abusing the trust of others

When you volunteer your face for someone's portrait practicing, you gotta know the risks.

This is Michael Kinyon, webcomics superreader and all-around awesome dude. Other webcomic creators have stepped in to comickize his profile pic in the past, so I decided to give it a go.

The plan here was to use his face as a test case for various portrait types. I'm more comfortable doing the life-drawing painterly stuff than cartoonizing folks at this point, so all those who stumble into my path these days end up as a hybrid of the two as I work my way to something new.  This is the first portrait test with him. I wanna try a toonier look and my old-school "stained glass" portrait stuff later.

And here's a test to see how it'd work as an icon. Dumb me used the long 5.5x17 pad of paper, which I've been drawing book two's bonus art on, and I promptly forgot the mission was for a square portrait. I'll get you next time, dude's face!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Copper Road! 11/1/12

First off, a reminder that I will be streaming tonight (and likely tomorrow!)

It's a new month, which means the stats reset and we have a new chance to climb up the TWC charts! Voting is good, and doing so brings a new Copper Road to your screen! Everyone wins! Vote here and seen more consequences from Ursula's adventure to the slightly-more-real-than-usual world that is Kaitlyn's house.

And, yes, you all wore me down. I hope this gives you want you want. :-)

Oh, and it's time to upload all of last month's Copper Roads to the archive! Now you can read them again and get your comment on!  New arrivals start here!