Thursday, April 30, 2009

Life on the edge

It's seems all I can draw today are the outsiders of the comic. On the plus side, they're nice sketches. On the minus side, I CAN'T DO ANYTHING PRODUCTIVE!

Today has been miserable. I woke up in pain, which is likely the result of stress finally taking its toll on my jaw. If that's it, then maybe some relaxation will make it go away. If it's something more dentally malicious, I'm in real trouble. I'm sorta on the Winchester dental blacklist right now. Right now I'm living off an advil/excedrin combo, and that's only enough to keep me from screaming. Guess that's a plus. I *really* hope this goes away tomorrow.

This is not a good time for a breakdown. Tonight the last of the bake sale story runs, and tomorrow gag-a-day May kicks off. I'll be dancing on the edge this month, and that makes me very uncomfortable. I'm used to having a few weeks of strips in my buffer, and I'm starting to burn off the last of what I have. Here's to hoping life improves in the next few weeks, because I'm creating strips at a far slower pace than a daily strip requires.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today was a travel day - back in Funchester, for whatever good that does me - and I'm tired and worn out. Thus, you get a sketch blog in the most basic form: Here are some sketches from today!

I've been doodling the Precocious supporting cast for vote incentives (visit the comic and vote to see 'em!) and here are some leftovers. Enjoy the adorable evil.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Your vote matters!

Here is the result of the Precocious Interactive Experience. Chick #3 is ready for inking. I, however, am going to watch the Caps game and scream a bit. (STOP SUCKING, GUYS!)

Edit: They stopped sucking! WOOHOO! They're facing Shittsburgh next round? BOOHOO!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Greetings from the great outdoors

Yes, I had to roam the neighborhood tonight in order to find the wi-fi to do my daily obligations. THIS IS THE LEVEL OF MY DEDICATION.

Woah, the patio light just blew out, sending all nearby insects to the next-brightest light: my laptop screen. Suburban wildlife attack!

Edit: I just noticed that a dude in the next house over has been watching me the whole time. Attention dude: With the light on in your room, I can see you too! Also, if it's your bandwidth I'm stealing, thanks for that!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The hunt is on...

Man, sketching wallpaper ideas is hard work. Should the Oven-tossing idea not be enough, I'm thinking about a good old fashioned group shot - with suitably chaotic happenings going on. A post-prank chase seems so fitting.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Let's make a wallpaper!

My Precocious fans are so awesome, they have earned a new wallpaper from me. As the theme this week was on the Precocious families, that's the plan for this wallpaper. I am very open to feedback, though, so you squeaky wheels out there may get some grease.

Here are some early sketches, focusing on individual families. I went with the Ets and Ovens as they are the most colorful, but I'll try to mock something up for the tamer Pingos and wholesome Linkletters. I'm also not opposed to a group shot - in fact the Et sketch from below was taken from such a group sketch that may turn into the wallpaper.

This is your time to be heard, people! Any suggestions?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Doomed to obscurity

You know, I was so proud of today's comic. Not only was it funny, but we've secretly replaced Max with a previously unseen character. Let's see if the readers notice!

Uh, guess they didn't. DAMN YOU, READERS!

I'm building towards a joke here that requires people to notice this strange kid in the background and not think, "Eh, he has so many characters anyway - guess I forgot this one." If you are confused, check the cast page! I wanted to see a "Who is this guy?" comment today - not a "Wait, which one is Dionne again?" question. *facepalm* I know she hasn't been around in a while; but, even if this was your first time reading, her identity should be clear from the context of the strip. Also, CAST PAGE!

Now, you loyal blog readers already know the new kid's identity - but I stuck Google Analytics on this sucker and I know my loyal blog readers number around 15. I could give away the next few months of scripts here and most of my readers would never know!

Poor Vincent, you are not only ignored by my cast, but by everyone else as well.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flower Power

Right now everything is in full bloom in DC. It's springfully beautiful out there. Then I pulled out my sketchbook during reruns of That 70's Show. This sketch was inevitable. As a bonus, I got a strip idea out of it too! It's Precocious-level inspiring, so... uh... y'know.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How to spend a lot of energy and look like you've done nothing

In an effort to increase the Precocious experience, I am in the process to adding hovertext to all the comics. It's like each strip gets a second, lamer, joke! Also, in and effort to increase the annoyance experience, I have added StumbleUpon buttons to all 2009 comics. THIS MEANS YOU PEOPLE SHOULD START STUMBLING!

Oh yeah, there's on problem. There's no way my internet connection is stable enough to upload everything! I may try later tonight, when epic failure won't be noticed by as many people. Or I might wait until I've titled and buttoned all the intro strips as well.

Look at all the stuff I do when I'm incapable of doing anything *actually* useful. My Precocious buffer is down to one week, so I gotta get working! Any smaller buffer and I go full crazy person panic!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sweet talk won't save you

Once you've established your character, you're stuck with it! No one's buying that look, Autumn!

Aside from this being a cute sketch, it's also a symbol of a new script-writing approach. Draw something interesting and then BRUTALLY FORCE A JOKE ON IT! It's a very graceful and delicate approach. I got two strips out of it so far, so at least some good came from it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

There's love in her heart (Tennis-wise, that is)

It's been hard to get the wheels turning again with Precocious. They say you have to write what you know, but right now all I know is cancer, Alzheimer's, heart disease, cancer, cancer and death. This does not a humor strip make.

The only fallback I have right now is sports. I've been watching a lot of sports. I can find humor in that! That's not too depressing! Sports can help! What's that? Every team I support is currently suffering a SOUL-CRUSHING LOSING STREAK? Fuck me. Eh, that is still the least-depressing aspect of my life. Let's roll!

Here's to the quest for momentum. I'm slugging away at the new strips and maybe they'll carry me to a funnier place. They've already forced me to make some decent sketches, as I have to figure out how to draw Suzette in action. If you could see the recent pages in my sketchbook, this is a massive improvement. C'mon, productivity, don't let me down!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Something's gotta give

That's eight, count 'em, eight paintings in progress now. WILL I EVER FINISH ONE? It's only a matter of time. (I hope.)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The winner?

Of the six votes so far (spread between here, Twitter and DeviantArt), number three here has four of them. Is this our hostess doomed to obscurity? If so, I'd better practice drawing her some more. (That, or trace for three panels. Mwa ha ha.)

People can vote and make their arguments until I get around to drawing the strip (next week, probably) so there's time to change momentum. Otherwise, I'm drawing this dingo-ish lass.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Interactive Precocious Experience

I enjoyed letting people vote on which chick gets featured in a one-off role for a future comic, so let's keep going and narrow it down to one! The first vote eliminated three chicks - will this one settle on a favorite? (click the pic for a larger version.)

Each chick has been drawn in two poses, mirroring two of the three panels in which she'll appear. The redrawing also shows how good I am at drawing each particular chick. (If you care, #4 braid kitty is the easiest to draw and #3 dingo-ish chick is the hardest.) If there's any character tweaking you'd like to see - say you want a change in attire, shading and markings - you can suggest it. I'm not saying I'll make any changes, just that you *can* suggest something.

Yes, I am attention whoring a bit with something like this, but I *do* love getting feedback - even if I have to solicit it! Pay attention to meeeeeeee!

4/19 Update: Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

Adding in Twitter and DeviantArt voting, here's the current tally:

5 votes for #3
3 votes for #6
2 votes for #2
1 vote each for #1 and #4

#5 has developed self-esteem issues.

People can give their opinion up until I start working on the strip, which should be later on this week.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Up against the wall

I don't know why these little guys look better when hung on a brick wall, but they do and it's their home. Here we see the current state of the current tiny painting batch. Both have a ways to go, but they might turn out ok. This week, that's all I can ask for.

Forgive me if I seem down. Stress accumulates and it starts leaking into everything. For those who don't know, everyone around me is sick and/or dying. Two weeks ago we were told my grandmother on mom's side could pass at any time from lung and brain cancer. On the other side of my family, my grandfather has Alzheimer's and cancer - but he might lose hospice care because his cancer isn't progressing fast enough. (Health care doesn't give a damn about Alzheimer's, since there's no profit in it. Go America!) There's no way grandma can take care of him without help, as she has major heart issues. Without hospice, we are screwed. This means the past two weeks have been spend dreading the next phone call, because only bad could come from it.

Just to top everything off, my internet connection is so unreliable it's practically worthless. Yeah, if I keep trying I can get through - but if you had a car that broke down half the time you drove it, how much satisfaction would you get from driving? Casual drives down the block suddenly become tense events. (Example: Blogger failed to properly upload this picture three times because the connection wasn't even able to take that without blinking out. I finally had to stick the photo in manually.) This means my means of escapism instead brings mostly frustration and a feeling of helplessness. Awesome.

And I'm supposed to be producing a HUMOR strip during this. Is there any wonder I've had writer's block? (I'm far enough ahead in Precocious that I can take a few weeks off, so that's covered.) I'm not one of those artists who thrive in self-absorbed emo malaise; I'm quite the opposite. I work happy and try to keep my artwork cheerful or fun. Unfortunately for all of you, I also have a vow to make a daily blog entry. You get to see me at my worst on some days. Deal with it.

I'll keep doing what I can, though. Tonight things should get much cheerier, with loved ones coming to town for birthday fun. Better painting tomorrow, then? Let's all hope!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Swing away Merrill. Merrill... swing away.

The theory here is that the hardest hitters in baseball also tend to have the most strike outs, as seen in the movie Signs. I may be completely uninspired and stressed out right now, but I'll keep swinging away. You'll just have to use selective memory to cherish my home runs and ignore my strikeouts.

This is one of my teeny 9"x12" paintings, which are used as style exercises. I painted it during an embarrassing Capitals playoff game. Going into the playoffs, all the sportswriters said the pressure was on the Caps' goalie. This was the day the goalie could rise up and show he wasn't the weak link! He could be a hero! Yeah, he turned non-corporeal and let through every decent shot that came at him. He was a miserable failure and proved all the naysayers right. It's THAT inspiring story that unfolded while I painted. Man, nothing is going my way.

After watching that epic failure, I immediately turned to the Orioles game - and watched an inning where they gave up seven unearned runs, including allowing a grand slam. The massively incompetent pitching let the Rangers bat around twice and score a dozen runs. (They also let a Ranger hit for the cycle.) After all that sucking, the Orioles finally got to bat and - one guy hit a home run!

Of course, in that analogy, the result is morale-destroying failure and loss in spite of minor success. WELCOME TO MY WEEK!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Power in numbers

Individually, these paintings are rather week. Together, they form Voltron!

Today has been a zero-energy, no-inspiration day, but I press on! Don't have it? WHO CARES! Paint anyway! The result might surprise you!

This time it didn't surprise me. These paintings look like I feel. Dammit, where is my divine intervention?

You can click the image to see a larger version, if you dare.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Here lies Chrispy: Forced meme

Look, internet, I'm trying to bond with you - in my own special way? It's the most internet social I've been in years. Which is also the most regular social I've been in a decade. This is a disturbing trend.

In lack-of-segue news, I'm off to DC again for a week or so. I will be reunited with my paintbrushes! Also, loving family. I will be attempting to sign them up for high-speed internet, but until that gets installed I will again be at the mercy of stolen wi-fi. Let us pray it's not as disastrous as last time.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Random Chick Generator

It's rare that I need to draw a character outside of the usual group of Precocious nutjobs, so I take the task of designing a random character as a fun diversion. One of May's random strips requires a random restaurant hostess and that gives me an excuse to play around. Anyone have a preference? (Click the image for a larger version.)

Speaking of May's strips, I've already bent the rules! The vow was to step back from storytelling and go with a true gag-a-day format. What I've written so far is a week of strips that stand alone - but they *do* have a common theme. After massive artists' block, I looked over what I had and saw half the strips written could be connected. Let's go with that!

I see it as having my cake and eating it too. A strip function best when there's a joke that can amuse fresh-eyed new readers AND give something extra to long-reading vets. These strips are a primitive form of it, but a good sign nonetheless.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

For science?

I have drawn some art and I don't know what to do with it. Is this the basis for a Sunday strip? Is this an incentive image for voting sites? Is this bonus art? Should I use it as a caption contest for fans? Is it usable at all? More experimentation is needed.

What you see here is a detail of of drawing (to skirt the no sharing comics standard should it end up as a Sunday), which seems like good happy fun for my kids. Oh, what to do... what to do...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Lacking incentive

I know webcomics should have images for vote incentives - but I'm still not sure why. Oh well, let us forge ahead and try to make some bonus art! Which will totally not be these crummy colored pencil attempts!

There must be a proper way to use incentives, and I just might be too lazy to find out! IT'S FRIDAY, DAMMIT!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is the high point of my week

I know it's lame, but having a sketch worth of scanning - even if it's nothing special - is progress this week. Not only have I been unproductive, but any work I've done is related to the comic. Can't share that. D'oh!

On the comic front, I'm finally knocking out the remaining Sundays for April. The last one needs inking, scanning and coloring, but I could be finished today if I have initiative. I have not had initiative all week.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

25 Essential Expressions

This challenge has apparently been going around the webcomic circle, and so I join in the fun. That was WAY harder than expected, and I did rather poorly. I am a cold, emotionless being. Well, I do rage fairly well, with confidence!

(click the image for the full-size gore.)

Edit: Anyone wanting to try this out, here's the template.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Little Miss... Something

Why did I promise to make Sunday strips? WHY!? I could have said "strips on Sunday," but I had to say "color Sundays." Dammit!

I'm not trying to bail on the promise, mind you - by having Sundays it forces me to write more self-contained gags. That's good for me in the long run, because I am perfectly content to write Precocious in issues. While awesome if read in one sitting, it can get irritating at a one-per-day format. Remember, my vow is to make May gag-a-day month! THAT INCLUDES MAKING FUNNY SUNDAYS! What you're seeing here is me freaking the heck out over the pressure. Funny *and* self-contained EVERY DAY? *shudder* (By the way, the vow for May is no continuous gags going for more than two days - just so I can have room for a brief silly tangent, if needed.)

So here I am, in total limbo. (In many ways.) I have April's Sundays scripted, but I lack the will to execute them right now. I have two strips ready for May, one of which is a Sunday featuring Dionne in pageant gear. (Also, the order of Sundays may switch around. Dionne may show up in April if her Sunday gets done first.) It's hard to draw Dionne in that outfit, because pageant outfits are revolting and offensive. I have to find that place where the outfit is ridiculous and satirical. Too conservative mutes the gag; too realistic is REALLY CREEPY.

Why must I challenge myself so? Stupid artistic integrity.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Go to hell, April!

Get in the corner with Rhode Island, April!

I'm not two Sundays away from having this damn month finished - in strip form at least. Tonight I hope to get one of those Sundays done. The second Sunday will have to wait, as I have NO IDEA what it'll be. By the way - now that I'm out of Sunday templates, I'm going double-decker and stacking two regular-sized strips - IN COLOR! It's both lazy *and* gives me more space with which to work!

I wish I could say I was building up my buffer so I could work on the website, make Precocious promo art, get caught up on the boards with much-needed socializing or anything fun like that. No, instead I'm rushing so I'll be set strip-wise when cancer claims my grandmother and family funeral fun begins. So, yeah, fuck April.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Decidedly unsexy work

I apologize for the lack of sexy sharing recently. I've been all about the work, so play is pushed aside. I'd love to fill a gallery with flashy stuff, but first I have to construct the building!

Today was about the website. Maintaining a website is like being a janitor or sportscaster. You work is meant to be taken for granted. If someone notices you, it's because you've screwed up. Thus, I can spend all day doing minor updates and it looks (and feels) like I did nothing. This is stuff that needs to be done, though, because otherwise people would start to NOTICE I'm lagging behind.

I wanted to ink today. I wanted to finish a bunch of strips! I didn't, because FIRST I have to set myself up for the next week of updates. I need my comics scanned and ready to go.

Doing this gruntwork just saps the energy from a person, too. I have the artist arrogance - I SHOULD CREATE! Doing this tedium means I can't be making amazing art! I am denying the world my gift! Yeah, well, unless a shockingly-gifted and selfless altruist magically appears, I've got to do it all myself. Cherry on top: By getting one task out of the way, you clear the path to see.. a bigger task waiting for you!

I drive myself nuts for a reason, though. I am trying to work as hard as I can in this inopportune time so that I can rock harder when things lighten up. I can bitch and moan all I want - it's healthy purging - but as long I'm keeping productive, even if it's unsexy production, then I'm doing it right.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

This is how it all began...

I was taking my second painting class in eight years and totally lost on what to paint, so I pulled out a study done a few years back in advanced drawing. Just painting the figure left a lot of space, so I had to fill it with something... why not improvise?

And so my steady decline into painting began. From that one drawing of Anna (Ana?) I discovered I could do my funky drawing in paint as well. My professors hated it, saying it was dated and derivative, but it was still a springboard into locking onto and refining my own painting voice.

In all other media, I am slow and deliberate worker. I work long hours and dance dangerously close to the edge of disaster with those things. After all, I *never* erase a mark once I make it in drawing - not that I had an eraser that *could* erase it. Painting, however, was something forgiving. Don't like a part, PAINT OVER IT! It was also something I could do relatively quickly. The more I paint, the faster I get. The more I improvise, the more confident I become in my strokes. I'm starting to look at painting as something I DO, not as something I just happen to be doing NOW. Fear my wrath, people, because nothing can stop me now!

Oh yeah, MONEY! Turns out my recent productivity streak means I am constantly running out of supplies. I have two of the giant canvasses left, which means two DC visits until I have to fall back to smaller, more affordable formats. I chew through paint at an alarming rate, and I have to order more the day after I open the box with my latest paint order. If I don't sell anything at the current show I'm in, I'm going to have one costly HOBBY on my hands.

While the latest order of supplies *should* keep me set for a nice long time, it's a reminder that I've got to get more aggressive with showing. This is hard to do when you're constantly shuffling around! I've been telling myself there will be plenty of time to do all the gallery whoring once life settles down - and it's best to use this odd stretch of time to get as much work done as possible so I have ample material to whore when the time comes - but it's very easy to keep sliding this date father and father back. I don't see any chance in the near future, but these nagging thoughts can only stew for so long before action is forced. Step one: Updating the damn fine art website with recent material! Uh... I'll get to that LATER.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I loves attention!

Someone out there reviewed Precocious! How cool is that? I'm still amazed anyone comes to the site without me paying them to do so. (Even Rhode Island sent a representative today!)

Since I don't have anything creative to show today (a combo of working on the actual comic and lack of motivation due to grim family stuff) I'll use today's post as a reply to the review. Don't worry, gentle reviewer, it's mostly agreeing and explanation.

I suggest you all go read the review. I will provide some quotes to give you context. Here we go. (Many the quote option doesn't differentiate it much. Time for mark up!)

"The comic started out in about 2008 on a date I for the life of me cannot discern because the author decided not to put dates."

Precocious was launched January 1, 2009, with the full Gender Wars arc completed. They have the 2008 copyright, since that's when they were created, but they weren't published until 2009. I wanted to storm out of the gate fully-formed, or at least as formed as I could be at that stage. It's still in the news items on the front page. ;-)

I intentionally kept from dating the strips. For one, the intro stuff takes place in the summer and the strip launched in winter. I didn't want it to be any more confusing than it already was. Plus, the intro arcs were created for the archives. They are meant to be read in one sitting. Considering the second intro arc came 50 strips into the regular run, the lack of dating lets me rearrange the archive to make it all flow together smoothly.

"Anyhow, What I find curious is how Paulsen decided to use Funny animals to portray the protagonists of this gag-a-day/story (Don't think He's quite decided yet.), but it was probably becuase he felt like it. though he may have a hard time keeping the furry-haters from beating him up."

Oh man, you had to say "funny animals," didn't you? I just learned what that term meant last week, and now it can get me in trouble!

I went with the cute cuddly animal forms because I like them! When I read comics, I favor the "furry" ones (ok, many are "funny animals") because I enjoy the aesthetics. I think they're cuter than humans - and much more pleasing to the eye when an artist is starting out. We all know what humans look like, so a shaky cartoon style of humans just looks wrong. We've seen cartoon animals in so many forms, we naturally accept them much easier.

For me, the Precocious kids are technically "funny animals" - I concede it. They call themselves "people" and never mention species at all. They have hands and feet, not paws. They're cartoons. The only real animal quality they acknowledge is the presence of their tails. (How could they not?) That doesn't make me one of those fur-scared cartoonists by any means. As mentioned, I like furry comics, I welcome the furry and I'm happy to classify Precocious as furry. If that leads me to fursecution (I really love that word) then so be it. If the presence of an animal tail in an otherwise standard newspaper-style strip is enough to drive someone into a rage, then the problem isn't on my end. Like/hate something for its quality, not on account of who *might* also like/hate it.

"Problems with the strip would include the format. I mean, is it gag-a-day like a serilized newspaper (Which judging from the strip style is how it's supposed to feel) or story and arc based with the occasional filler."

You got me here. I do follow the newspaper comic format, and then I indulge in webcomic freedom. One premise often explodes into a meandering story that can span weeks. As a creator, I like to set the scene and let the characters take over - and they're as pompous and verbose as I am!

In the long (long) run, however, this should even out. The bulk of the archives will be story arcs for the first year, since I like to introduce characters as part of a larger story and the strip is still new. I think this is more rewarding for new readers when they hit the archives - and at this stage the readership is still actively growing. Despite my promise, I'm not changing my format yet. April is *another* long story. (It introduces a new classmate, naturally.) Another epic story is planned for the summer - still in its early stages, so who knows how long it'll go - but I've made a vow to make May gag-a-day! The ideal Precocious format, which I hope to establish for year two (I plan ahead) is to keep any stories between one and two weeks, like the dessert violence and Max's birthday stories, and up the one-strip gag percentage.

Having long stories is a bad idea for a real newspaper cartoon, but an online newspaper-style cartoon has the full archive - and any needed context - just a click away. I'd like to think online webcomic readers are a more dedicated bunch anyway.

"I'd personally complain as a fellow artist about his the eyes take up 90% of the characters' faces(Since, you know, ordinary people have FOREHEADS), it's probably a stylistic choice considering it's more cartoony than something meant to be anatomically correct."

Yeah, it's a personal choice. When I sat out to learn cartooning in 2004, I had an image in my mind of the characters I wanted to draw - and the Precocious kids are right in line with it. I like my kids to be cartoony and less realistic. I've turned against foreheads so much I stopped drawing eyebrows!

"The Kids are a bit... i dunno, Their personalities seem fine but they seem to be... Exaggerated versions of what they're supposed to be."

Would you believe this was intentional? And by "intentional" I mean in the same way a new skier says "I'm going wipe out!" and then does.

I refer to the initial Gender Wars arc as the "pilot episode" of Precocious - because it has the same format and pitfalls any TV pilot would have. This is THE first impression - you have to introduce your characters, summarize them, establish themes and move on in the limited time you have. The lazy way to do it is have them walk in, monologue about who they are, and push on - which is what I ended up doing. They most definitely are portrayed as exaggerations early on - although I do want to point out that smart 9- and 10-year-olds who latch onto an identity naturally exaggerate it. (I'm not sure Suzette will ever change.)

I lay down the characterizations and premises a bit strong early because once they're set, they're set. I have the rest of the strip's run to make the characters all nuanced and awesome!

So there's my reply. A bunch of "yup, you're right" stretched into a monster wall of text. It's my way!

In a day marked by bad news, it was incredibly uplifting to see that someone out there cared enough about my strip to write something that well thought-out. I really needed that today.

Hope you all forgive me for the self-indulgent post. It's Friday, so I assume you're all out partying anyway.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Shuffling the cards

I decided to try and create more "bookmark" art cards to hand out, seeing as I've handed out or misplaced all the old ones. Can't say I'm thrilled with the new ones, but they'll do for now.

One of these days, when I'm all growed up, I'll get some real cards printed. And real photos taken of my work. And real clients to purchase the work. Dare to dream.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Have it your way

Every day I like my piece, now titled "Bridge:Connection" a little bit more. It has so many possibilities hidden in its flowing shapes! There are so many possibilities, I have no freakin' clue how to display the bugger!

So enjoy this composition of the four possible perspectives and choose your favorite. Click the image to see a larger version, or check out my DevinatArt page to see a bigger version and buy a print! As for me, I'm leaning towards the top left one at the moment. This is subject to change.

Edit: No swastika jokes, ok?