Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Little Miss... Something

Why did I promise to make Sunday strips? WHY!? I could have said "strips on Sunday," but I had to say "color Sundays." Dammit!

I'm not trying to bail on the promise, mind you - by having Sundays it forces me to write more self-contained gags. That's good for me in the long run, because I am perfectly content to write Precocious in issues. While awesome if read in one sitting, it can get irritating at a one-per-day format. Remember, my vow is to make May gag-a-day month! THAT INCLUDES MAKING FUNNY SUNDAYS! What you're seeing here is me freaking the heck out over the pressure. Funny *and* self-contained EVERY DAY? *shudder* (By the way, the vow for May is no continuous gags going for more than two days - just so I can have room for a brief silly tangent, if needed.)

So here I am, in total limbo. (In many ways.) I have April's Sundays scripted, but I lack the will to execute them right now. I have two strips ready for May, one of which is a Sunday featuring Dionne in pageant gear. (Also, the order of Sundays may switch around. Dionne may show up in April if her Sunday gets done first.) It's hard to draw Dionne in that outfit, because pageant outfits are revolting and offensive. I have to find that place where the outfit is ridiculous and satirical. Too conservative mutes the gag; too realistic is REALLY CREEPY.

Why must I challenge myself so? Stupid artistic integrity.

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