Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Precocious is five years old!

Forget this New Year stuff! The most important thing about January 1st is that it's Precocious' birthday! Five years, and around 2000 comics between the archive, deleted scenes and the book bonus stories. Not too shabby! (Thanks to Isabel Marks of Namir Deiter for the gift art!)

(Want to celebrate the occasion too? Now's as good a time as any to check out all the goodies in the Precocious store!)

When I started, five years was my goal. From all my reading of dailies, I saw year five as when artist competence and character development come together to bring a comic into a golden age. Well, every year I've done this has been precocious to me. Year one of Precocious was fresh and new and exciting. Year two built upon a strong foundation and expanded the universe. Year three is when I took a major level up and committed to the goal of making Precocious my JOB and not just a hobby. Year four is when I pulled out all my tricks. Year five... this was the year I took for myself and drew what I wanted to draw. The stories from the past year were so much fun for me to write, and it was so gratifying to see so many people coming along for the ride. I told myself I'd reassess the comic at year five, and I can't imagine stopping now. I'm not done. I have so much left to tell and so much silliness to share.

2013 was a great year for the comic, but not so much for me. A toothache I thought would be a one-week inconvenience turned into a botched surgery and a year of medical hell. As the year comes to a close, I'm still in doctor limbo, dealing with chronic pain and fighting all the side-issues that come up when lengthy medical issues happen. I've been double sick for weeks thanks to a cold caught due to being in so many doctor waiting rooms, and my drawing hand is in a cast because I aggravated and old finger injury due to me playing too many video games while stuck in bed during pain downtime. (Yes, this means I'll have to be clever with next week's updates, as my buffer doesn't cover the full cast stretch.)  I am so glad to see 2013 go. It was brutal. BUT I DIDN'T MISS AN UPDATE! In you face, 2013!

Here's hoping 2014 brings me health, and chances to do all things that I wanted to do in 2013.  Book 3 is coming, and the preorder looks like it'll start in February right now. (It will be in color, and thus VERY expensive to print, so I'll really be needing your support!) The other plans? We shall see. I'm a one man operation, so I can't put in the extra work needed until I'm healthy enough. My convention schedule is likely to be scaled back, again due to health.  I'm confirmed for Fur The More, Furry Weekend AtlantaAnthrocon and Mechacon. I'll try for SPX. Not sure about any others.

Thank you all for reading Precocious. Keep coming back. Keep contributing. Keep spreading the word.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

New Copper Road! 12/25/13

To all those reading this on December 25th, I salute you! Bonus points if you actually celebrate Christmas. I too believe I am more important in your life than your family. (What have they done for you lately?)

Since my family isn't one that celebrates today, I was supposed to use this week to grind out some comics. Instead I got a bad cold, and I'm so congested I lost the use of one of my ears and gave myself two black eyes from coughing. BUT I FIGHT THROUGH THE PAIN FOR YOU! A new Copper Road is here as a lovely stocking stuffer - or Chinese restaurant side dish, as the case may be.

Unlike your family, *I* reliably add goodness to your life! Enjoy!

Monday, December 16, 2013

New Copper Road! 12/16/13

'Tis the season!

Chrispmas time is here again, and that means casual giving, lots of slacking off and fun without pressure! In my family, we mostly use December as an excuse to buy needed or desired items, then give to ourselves in honor of the rest of us. (I got myself a dedicated art and publishing laptop! Mom gets to take credit for it.) We don't really mind exact dates - just get it when it's needed.  That's my big Chrispmas selling point.  The reign of Chrispmas is officially from December 8th to March 24th, but, really, give when you find the right gift - or work out a give-to-yourself deal with loved ones.

Anyway, the Hus might not be enlightened as my family, but they could be getting there... Vote here to see the new bonus comic!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Deleted Scene! 12/12/13

So it turns out I wrote nine scripts for seven days, and that means a deleted scene! (Just the one. I hinted at the other in Monday's alt text, though.) Vote here to see the deleted scene! Consider it comic 1741b.

Like all deleted scenes, once this rotates out as the vote incentive it won't be in any online archive. See it now, or wait for the book. (I suggest doing both, actually.)

(Edit: away it goes!)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Copper Road! 12/8/13

Hey, look, another one! I don't know if the timing of this comic on Sunday night makes it funnier or not. Either way, it's good advice - or just a cartoonist way of life. Vote here to see the new comic!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Hey, Pokemon players! (And Tumblrfolk!)

JANUARY UPDATE: Not that most people scroll this far down, but I'm still taking friend codes.  Drawings got off-track due to an 18-day (and counting) cold. Because of course I get a devastating COLD the one year I get a flu shot. The universe has a cruel sense of humor. Oh, and I can't make up those drawings soon too, since I got my drawing hand put in a cast. Cruel sense of humor. Told ya.

Hello, I am abusing front page news posting!

For those too lazy to check out all the links on the sidebar, I'll point you to my Tumblr page. It's become a place where random sketches end up, when they should be on the sketch blog - mostly because I can mirror the post to Twitter and get more than 10 people to see them. This month I'm doing a Pokemon challenge, with a new Pokemon drawing every day. It's a fun bit of drawing warm-up for me and gives me something to share.

For you Pokemon players, you can see my friend code up there. I've got enough room to add a bunch of you, so if you're playing Pokemon and want access to my fire-type Friend Safari - which does have Autumns/Braixens - let me know your friend code. Easiest way to do it is to add my code, then put yours into my Tumblr ask box. (I also accept actual questions!) I'm looking for a few Pokemon in particular, by the way. Looking for Steel (someone give me easy access to Magnetons!) safaris most of all. Grass, Fairy and Normal safaris also loved.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Copper Road! 12/5/13

Hooray, it's another comic! More tales of doom and gloom, because those are the best things. Vote here to see the new comic!

While I don't have a script for it yet, I want to have another Copper Road on Monday(ish). Gotta space things out so I can run the deleted scene from next week's comics!  #tease #tease #tease

Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Copper Road! 12/1/13

Forgive me for the Doctor Hu interruption. HERE is the last of the Shii Ann "Oh, ___!" comics. Unrelated jokes brought together through one lovable dunce. Bless you, Shii Ann. Vote here to see the new comic!

As it's the first of the month, that means voting is important. TWC is a good source of new readers, and Precocious won't survive unless it expands its readership. Another joy of the first of the month? All of last month's Copper Roads are now in the archive! You can re-read them, comment on them or catch up if you missed some. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Stream (and post-stream) results.

Thanks to all who came to Saturday's stream! Maybe I was rusty, but it was nice to do it again. I hope for a brighter, more streamy future, but it's likely this one was the last chance of the year.

Here are the results!

This piece is to serve as the cover of a binder that features my art, which is the coolest thing! It's 8.5x11" and super spiffy! Autumn is reviewing her secret (art) files before bed!  With all of these, I may have overdone it on color-correcting. My screen is a bit off on yellow, so what looks right for me would be off for you. In-person, all is great.

It was a Pingo-themed night, so both Soren and Ivy got art cards. Soren's card is based off a sketch over a year old, which didn't get chosen during one of my request stream nights. It's a bit too complex to draw on the fly, so I scanned in the sketch, printed it out card-sized in blue lines, penciled over that and finally used my lightbox to get it onto an actual card.

For Ivy, she's discovering another lawsuit from a wronged magician. Since the client noted he liked Ivy's recent pink outfit, I included it for the card.

This is the long-overdue book art, which had been held until the stream. Ms. Monster tortures her kids. (The original idea did feature Ivy, so this was *almost* continuing the Pingo pride.)

Finally, here's the card drawn for the winner of the costume contest! This wasn't part of the stream, but I finished it earlier today so I could ship out both packages tomorrow. Bud is showing off both his zesty new cold weather outfit, and the setup for the (should be) winning costume!

Friday, November 22, 2013

New Copper Road + Saturday Stream!

I threatened to do this. And then I did it. Doctor Who returns, Doctor Hu returns. (I guess I should have been more specific with my tease...) Anyway, vote on TWC to see this new comic! If you missed yesterday's Copper Road, let this be a lesson to you. Read Precocious and vote for Precocious every day! Comics keep flying around!

And, yes, I did totally break the "Oh, ____!" chain for this impulsive Doctor fun. I'll draw and post that one next week sometime.

One last burst of streaming - Saturday, 8pm

This Saturday, November 23rd, 8pm Eastern time. Come watch: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-sycophant

It's less warning time than I'd planned, because I fell asleep before posting this and writing my emails last night, but it is happening! Let's steam some art!

This is the last of the Kickstarter streams, delayed first because of his work schedule and later because I am constantly near death. I will be coloring art that is featured in this sketch blog post - except for that Bud card up there. That's the costume contest prize, and will likely be drawn off-stream. The only time for a test stream to figure out my new setup is tonight, so I dunno. I may color it tonight, but probably not with an audience.

The stream is set for four hours, so if you have a moment tomorrow night, feel free to jump in and watch at any time.  You do not need a Ustream account to watch, but if you get one you can follow streaming announcements and be able to have your username appear in chat. Remember there is a lag in the stream, plus I can't read the chat window when I'm looking down to color, so there will always be a delay between you saying something, me seeing it, me responding and you hearing that response.  I have a much more stable internet connection for this stream, so I hope things go smoothly!

Oh yeah, no Pony spoilers, and no Doctor Who spoilers. I think those two premiers happen on Saturday, and both your artist and the client won't have been able to watch yet.  BE GOOD.

(You know... I have a Doctor Hu script. Maybe I need to draw it tonight and post it for tomorrow...)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Steaming prep + contest winner prep!

It's been a mess of scheduling issues and poor health, but maybe we can make the last Kickstarter stream finally happen! I remain not in the best of shape, and it's not looking like any good news on the heath front is coming any time soon, but I have medication set aside to cover a stream, so let's go! (Every stream I've done in the past year was also medicated, so this one isn't any different.) I hate owing people work, so I'll whittle it away whenever the possibility arises.

Anyway, here are some sketches from the upcoming stream, and something else thrown into the picture frame for my convenience. I took these photos with an iPhone in weak light, so they only clean up so well in Photoshop. Forgive me!

The Soren card was a possible sketch for an request night stream a long time ago, and it was resurrected for the last Kickstarter stream. I'm glad he gets the chance! There are a lot of great card sketches that never got made, and that's wrong! We must go through those sketches and give them justice!

The Bud card is for the costume contest winner. While his suggestion was my favorite, drawing the costume in action would be somewhat awkward for an out-of-context card. Thus, I drew a good Bud card with the costume. So WE know what it is, and why it's funny that he's eating that apple, but it's also just a nice-looking piece. As it's highly unlikely I'll have the time and strength to do a test stream for this, before the big main event stream, I'll be coloring this piece off-camera.

This is a piece I'm so excited about. It's going to be the cover of a binder that contains lots of my art! It's 8.5x11, though slightly smaller on the page than this cropped image. I left room for titles, which I won't be drawing on the piece, but can be added to the digital print file and then printed out.  As not all details of this one are in/approved yet, it's only in pencil.

This is for the artist edition book sketch. I drew a more elaborate scene, involving Ivy and Ms. Monster, but that would have been tough to fit in that space - especially since it'd be better on a wider, landscape layout. It should become *something* one day, though, because it was great!  This piece is Ms. Monster in front of her chalkboard, announcing some group projects.  (I'll add the chalk text to the board with white ink after I'm done.)

There's also an Ivy card I'll be prepping, but I didn't keep proper notes and now I don't remember which Ivy sketch was chosen. That'll be ID'd and drawn up soon.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Copper Road! 11/20/13

If you've been following along with recent incentives, you'll have noted an "Oh, Kaitlyn!" and "Oh, Hi!" in the last two. Wen, you're up. Shii Ann helps everyone!  (If you missed those comics, shame on you! You'll have to wait until the first, when I do the monthly Copper Road archive update.)

Vote here to see the new comic! And keep watch for more Copper Roads. Can I keep this silly theme going? (Hint: Yes.)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Copper Road! 11/16/13

See, this is why I can't have a Copper Road buffer. I forget about them if I don't post them immediately. Ok, so it's only 12 hours late, but it could have been longer had I not been scripting more Copper Roads this morning. (What if I draw them today? THE FORGETTING CYCLE BEGINS ANEW.) Anyway, vote here to see the new comic, and enjoy more Shii Ann antics. (Shii Anntics?) She is a treasure!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Copper Road! 11/12/13

(First, did you see the costume contest results, and check out the awesome fan art gallery?)

Just when you thought it was safe to not be in Sapphire Lake...  *Jaws music plays*

A new Copper Road is here, and it's joining in on Rules Week fun. Vote here to see the new comic! By the end of this week, you'll know 16 of the 25 rules. Maybe 17. I think one slipped into the archive without being named. (It's a big archive. I don't always remember what's in there.) Anyway, enjoy the event. As all the mystery is gone once they're all named, I'll have to settle for dropping  in some of the remaining rules here and there... over the months and years.

Thanks to my ongoing medical woes, I'm in a perpetual state of playing catch-up - but I'm doing my best to keep up with my Copper Road promises and make a dent in the few remaining commissions and art obligations I have. It's about a 40% chance if I'll be able to do streaming this weekend.So keep checking the home page. Don't worry, SOMETHING good will pop here no matter what, as the next Copper Road has been drawn is will go up once this one has had time to make its way into your hearts.  UPDATE: Waking up two days in a row with my trouble finger angrily protesting has stifled any plans to work ahead, so streaming is bumped again. I do see a hand specialist on Monday, so let's be hopeful.

Sorry for being broken! It's my goal to have no one notice - if not for these damn news posts mentioning it.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Contest Results!

With the grand prize being awarded in the comic's costume contest, that means I can announce the results of the costume contest involving you readers! (See the big costume art gallery here!)

And your winner is...

As you can see, I disagreed with Ms. Monster. Creeping her out is what I call a bonus! Congratulations to Steven Towne for thinking up this wonderful idea.  This one did hit all the right notes. It played into the character's strengths, was super clever, helped inspire some great gags and it was far better than anything I could have planned for Bud! (I actually had no idea what his final costume would be, so thank goodness for clever readers stepping in!) Steven, you win an art piece featuring Bud's costume in action! (More details will come to you via email.)

There is another prize up for grabs too! All those who suggested ideas got put on a list, and I used a random number generator to choose that winner. And the winner of the draw is.... Steven Towne! Again! Hey, I never said winning the grand prize disqualifies you from this draw. Random fate loves you too, Steven! A book, or an art card from the store is yours to enjoy.

Here is a rundown of the story's reader-inspired costumes, in order of appearance, noting the brilliant mind behind the idea. (Costumes not mentioned on this list are from *my* brilliant mind.) Some ideas I seized and drew as is. Others I tweaked somewhat. Some people's ideas matched up with ones I already had in the script, but they still get credit!

Yvette as an invisible woman - Samuel Morehead
Bud as a Muffin of Doom - Samuel Morehead again.
Quincy as a Ghostbuster - DRB
Roddy as a Number 2 Pencil - James Rhone
Dionne as Marie Antoinette - Nefaria
Tiffany as Mothra - Seth Latter
Max as Indiana Jones - Christopher Trumbour
Bud as The Chef Special - Steven Towne
Kaitlyn as the On-Hu Ball - KZero

Congratulations to all above, and thank you to all others who suggested ideas. I feel terrible that so many brilliant suggestions didn't make it in, but this has been a wonderful experience. I hope you all enjoyed reading the Halloween story as much as I did drawing it!

The Costume Contest Gallery!

First off, much thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, be it with text answers or with the art. You gave me so many good ideas to work with! As you can see in the gallery below, some of the best didn't make it into the story - but not for lack of imagination or talent.

Here I put lots of lovely artwork on display, so all can love and praise it! (If I missed uploading your entry, please contact me so I can add it to this post. I tried to file my emails properly, but some may have slipped through.)

Jacob and Tiffany as Fiona and Cake from Adventure Time, Autumn as Black Widow, Vincent as the Pokemon Stoutland and Yvette as the Cheshire Cat, all by Rachel Edwards:

Chef Special Bud, by Steven Towne:

Dionne as Harley Quinn, Autumn as the Red Queen, Vincent as a Rainbow Dash Brony and Bud and Tiffany as witch-hunting Hansel and Gretel, all by Ismael Becerra:

Dionne as a vampire and Roddy as Luigi, by Jonathan Sullivan:

Jacob as a Shark, by Leafpool (you didn't include your name!):

Kaitlyn as the On-Cue Ball, Tiffany as a Christmas Tree, Autumn as Autumn, Bud as Ronald McOven and Roddy as the Silver Surver, all by KZero:

Ursula as a pirate, by DRB:

Autumn as a rebel pilot, by OwenDaHusky:

I'm so grateful to all of you. Contributions like these do so much for motivating me! I know what an effort it is to make something special, and I appreciate it so so so so so much!

Friday, November 1, 2013

New Copper Road! 11/2/13

Yes, normally you get a new comic on the 1st, but delaying it a day meant I could synergize and have two Yvette comics at once! Vote here to see the new comic! I hope you enjoy it!

As it is a new month, that means all of last month's Copper Roads are no on the website archive. You can now go relive all the magic!

So what's up, November? Now that my convention season is over, focus turns to making things nice and happy at the home office.  Book 3 work starts soon.  Currently planning the Kickstarter preorder for January. This campaign will be much bigger than the last one, as I hope to print book 3 in color!

As for the last Kickstarter, there's one owed streaming session left. Now that both parties have compatible schedules, this could happen as early as next weekend. I will also be doing a test stream night before the paid work, so I can try and optimize my new studio setup for streaming.  During the test stream, I'll be coloring a few pre-drawn art cards. Keep watch on the front page to see when those streaming dates will happen.

Oh, and if you click on that last link you'll see that a store update should happen in the next week. I want to bring back the swag bags, so people can get their hands on goodies usually only available at conventions. The store updates slowly when left to me alone, but if you have a craving for original comics, a Cupcake of Bliss or more of the 2" charms from the Kickstarter, write me an email and give me a kick in the rear.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Copper Road! 10/30/13

*Checks calendar*  Oh dear, I'm running out of days to make Copper Roads. I, uh, I really hope all those deleted scenes I've posted this year give me some credit here.

Anyway, enjoy this look into the dummy costuming. Both actual dummy costume, and dummy costume that will soon become a real costume.  Extra changes in this process!  Vote here to see the comic!

Yvette actually had a third variation on her look in the original outlines. In three instances, a fan suggestion was close to my own idea, so I went with their vision. (Kaiju Tiffany was another, and the last hasn't appeared yet.) Yvette was originally a wallflower, but eliminating the decal made her invisible! And let me make this comic! Yaaaay!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Deleted Scene + FurFright + Contest Funtime!

Lots of stuff for this update! As I am heading north to table at FurFright this weekend, there's no time for me to spread things out! Connecticut peeps: Come see me!  I'll be in the back corner, waiting for you - and crying if you don't come.

This should have gone up for Friday, but I won't be near my computer on Friday. Vote to see a deleted scene now!  Due to the nature of the costume contest, I did a lot of playing around with my scripting. The original comics for the weekend ended up being scrapped. Those comics featured the kids arguing and rules and timing, which is so very them - but came out too wordy.  So, of course, I compressed THOSE comics into one script, just so I could make this strip to show you (some of) what might have been.

Speaking of the contest. The soft deadline has passed, and I've locked in most of the script.  Odds are new suggestions won't make it into the comic, but I still encourage art, so I can show it off later on!  Thanks to all who have submitted! I ended up using more costume ideas than I thought I would, so look forward to all the reveals! The first reader-inspired costume pops up on Sunday.  (Contest winners won't be revealed until the end of the story, by the way.)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Copper Road - and contest update!

The kids are starting to try on costumes, and they're taking it beyond Precocious and into Copper Road! Vote here to see the new comic!

As for the costume contest and giveaway - click the link or look at the post below - the time is now to get your ideas in! Tomorrow I complete the last of the pre-scripted comics, and now I'm on the scripting stage for the in-comic contest - which means it's time for your suggestions to enter the equation!  Email me your costume ideas ASAP!  (You have until the 23rd, but earlier is better.) Everyone who enters gets their name into a drawing for a book or art! Text entries are fine. (Adding a fan art bonus is merely a bribe to gain my favor, and you can send the artwork later if it's not complete yet.) If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Let's make this a holiday to remember!

And if you're still reading, I suggest you start planning a weekend trip to Connecticut, as I'll be tabling at FurFright this upcoming weekend!  It's the last chance to get a new art commission out of me for the year. After the con, I'm working entirely on pre-paid (or contest winner) pieces.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Precocious Costume Contest!

It took five years, but Precocious is finally getting a real Halloween story! To celebrate, I am having a contest that lets you get cool stuff AND shape how this Halloween story unfolds.

The fun of Halloween comes from the costumes, and this is where you come in. Submit your ideas for what the kids should dress up as this year, and you have a chance of seeing your idea pop up in the comic! What makes this contest extra interesting is that I've left the ending of this story open, because one good suggestion could fuel some creativity. I'm relying on you to provide inspiration!

(After my weekend trial run, I've update this post to make it clearer and fine tune things. Make sure you read it all!)

What you need to know and do to enter:

-While most entries will be in text form - which is perfectly fine - I'd love to give this contest a fan art aspect. If you can include an image of your costume idea, that will certainly make me favor your entry.  I don't require finished art - sketches like these are fine - but I need to see enough details to understand what you're proposing.  I'm really looking forward to showing off a gallery of costume submission art, so if you have any art chops at all I encourage you to take the time to whip something up.  Submit your text ideas ASAP, and make are if you want to or can.

-The costume I choose for the grand prize gets their idea incorporated into the Halloween story, and I will draw the submitter an art card of their winning suggestion. See the witch Yvette illustration in the banner for an example. (Oh, and I am putting her art card in the store if anyone wants to grab it! Cards are alphabetical, so Yvettewitch will be at the end if she's there.)

-Everyone who enters will be part of a drawing for a second prize. That winner has the choice of a signed copy of a Precocious book, or an art card from the store.  (If the winner is outside of the United States, you must choose an art card due to the high cost of shipping books.)  There will be a third book/art card prize that will go to one who submits art, provided enough entries appear.

-The entire class is in play for suggestions. I have *my* list of costumes for the kids. Your goal is to give me something even better. Have fun with this!  I wonder who will get the most suggestions - and how many will get none? (I hope I get enough entries to have lots of choices for everyone!)

-Check out the contact page for how to reach me. Send your entries to my email.  Just so I can keep track of stuff, I'd prefer you put all your suggestions into a single entry if you're doing text-only entries. While you can do more, aim for around five costume suggestions. Edit your ideas down to the best ones!

-As this is a time-sensitive thing, you are free submit your ideas in text, then make and send drawings for your entries later. I want to make this an easy contest for the artists out there, so I shall be flexible!

-I'm looking for a costume idea, not a script or suggestions on what to do with the costume.  I want the image if you have one, and a description along the lines of  "(character) as (costume)." You can include a description, and maybe a link to explain any reference your making, but don't write a lot to sell it.  Anyone offering their own joke suggestions gets disqualified. This contest doesn't change my policy of not accepting joke ideas. It's possible to submit ideas for costume sets, with multiple characters coordinating, though I'd like the grand prize winner to be a single costume idea.

-I don't know how many suggestions will make it into the final story, as part of this contest is to let your ideas guide me. I could choose the best or the worst ideas for the story - whatever inspires me to write a joke!  The most clever entries might not have an opening for them.  That's why I'm sharing the cool entries on the front page too, because clever stuff deserves to be celebrated!  The earliest possible date for a costume suggestion to appear in the comic is October 24th, by the way.  (Well, there's at least one comic before then with a costume idea that someone will surely suggest, but it's an obvious one and was in the script before this contest was announced.)

-Again, I encourage artwork, and I'll favor the art entries.  Doesn't matter how skilled you are. I like to see the effort! (Blackmailing artists friends to draw for you is good too!)

-You have a better chance of your idea being chosen the earlier it shows up. October 23rd is likely the latest date for you to submit ideas and have a chance of seeing them used, though I won't disqualify a good idea that comes later. Still, if I can get a script out of a good idea sent early, a great idea sent late will be bumped out because I lack the time to write it in.  I'll be traveling to FurFright from the 24th to 28th, so I need comics for those days finished before I leave. I'll accept art all the way through the end of the Halloween story, because I can still show it off even if it's too late for scripting.

-I ask that you not share your ideas and contest artwork with others until after the Halloween story is over. If I do choose your suggestion, I don't want other readers expecting it.

-If your suggestion doesn't make it into the comic, or a similar idea to yours is chosen instead, please don't get upset. As mentioned, I'm going with what gives me the best scripting potential, not necessarily the strongest submissions. I won't know what's right until I see it. Could be highly clever. Could be basic and simple. I could put in a dumb idea to make fun of a kid in a dumb costume! That's the thrill of it. You are the inspiration I don't know where it'll go yet!

Email me with any questions or concerns. If any new notes/edits need to be made, I'll update this post.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The books are in the store!

Update: The store seems to be having trouble with international orders. Tech guy is aware of it and working to fix. I can still take international orders outside of the store, if needed. Contact me with any questions. US-based orders are working fine.

As we reach the end of the book 2 preorder fulfillment, that means I can now stock the Precocious store with copies. All those who missed out on happy book times earlier, now's your chance!  I've even made a limited number of artist editions available. This might be your last chance to get a sketched book this year. If you want an example of what to expect for the sketch, please look at that darling Kaitlyn up above.

The Precocious store is also packed with art goodies! Please browse around and check out all the sections. The merchandise and originals categories are mostly neglected, but that should change soon. If there's something you'd like to see in the store, hit the contact page and let me know.  I'm paying for that store, so I'd sure like to make some sales with it. (Please let me know if you stumble across a glitch in the store, as it's still relatively new and I'm learning my way with it.)

I was hoping to boost my art production with book fulfillment winding down, but I'm dealing with a re-aggravated finger injury on my drawing hand and the health issues caused by that botched tooth extraction last year still have me hobbled.  This means streaming is going to be rare, and probably only for pre-paid work that I owe people. I will not open for new commission until my queue's been cleaned up, with the exception being at conventions. (The last con of the year for me is FurFright, so if you want an art card or character badge, get yourself to Connecticut for October 25-27!) Even when commissions open again, I will have to move my focus away from streamed work. I really want to get back to the grind I'm used to, but I must take it slow for a while.

Bah, let's end on something more fun. Keep checking this page for announcements. One more is coming this week, and it's nifty - especially if you like drawing (and simple assignments)!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Copper Road! 10/7/13

I have a bunch of news posts to make this week, and I don't know the correct order to post them in... so how about I give you the new comic first? Vote here to see the new comic! Read the comic. Enjoy the comic. But you'd better be reading this front page (or the sketch blog, which is what the front page mirrors) all throughout the week! And every week. Because stuff happens regularly in Precociousland!

(I'd post more stuff at once, but I know you guys. Of the few who do know this news section exists, about zero of them read below the top item.)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Copper Road! 10/1/13

I was too sleepy to upload the new comic as soon as TopWebComics reset for the new month, but that's ok. I have a kitten in my house who thinks 5am is the perfect time to do that tornado-with-claws thing! So let's upload the new comic now!

Vote here to see it! As it is a new month, with the votes reset, that means an initial push is vital. Every little vote or word of mouth thing helps Precocious expand, and that's a good thing!

For today's comic... "Hey, Chrispy, where do you get your ideas?" "I was hungry and that caused problems." There. That's the secret. You can now all go forth and be productive cartoonists too!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Copper Road! 9/29/13

Bam! Instant closure! Or disappointment. Either way, here is a Copper Road that puts a bow on top of the Paid Leave story. Vote on TWC to see this bonus comic!

I guess she's back to being a woman of mystery...

Thanks to everyone for keeping the voting up.  Every little push helps make Precocious more visible, and if all my fancy dreams for next year's releases are to be viable, I have to keep expanding the audience.

Also, hey, soon the sketch blog will be more than Copper Road updates. I'm looking forward to October. It might not be flashy, but it should be a productive month. Old commissions will be finished. New orders for the book will be taken. Attention will turn to book 3. I have my last con of the year, FurFright, to plan for and conquer. New art projects might poke their head up. Relaxing! Really. This is the closest to taking a break that I get.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Copper Road! 9/25/13

Tonight I realized I'd miscounted the Copper Roads for this month, and I needed one more. So here you go! I wish I could say this was inspired by me fiddling around with iOS 7's new beeps and boops, but I wrote it before I knew iOS 7 was even a thing. Whatever, let's go with the synergy.

Vote on TWC to see this new comic!  See it now, because one more Copper Road is coming this month. (I think on Sunday.)

By the way, this week the final push of Kickstarter shipping is happening! Special cases aside, those who haven't received their rewards yet will be getting them soon! (Soon being a relative term for international orders. It'll take a while, but will be on its way!)

This also means that those who missed out on the preorder will soon be able to buy the books!  I'll post an update when the Precocious store is stocked.  Until then, go browse the art pieces there. It's breaking my heart that so many pieces haven't found homes yet.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Copper Road! 9/19/13

If you've been following along with me on various social sites, you'll have seen a lot of Animal Crossing stuff. Why? It's not just a hug in video game form, but also your kid/pet in video game form, so you want to share all the stories of the cute things they do! (BREE SAT ON A STUMP! OH MY GOODNESS!) Vote on TWC to see the new comic, and laugh at the insanity of me and those like me.

(But be nice. During my struggles with chronic pain this year, Animal Crossing gives me something to do when I'm so worn down I can't work any more. That's when I play it, and I'm so grateful to have something to keep me sane during those rough stretches.)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Small Press Expo this weekend!

SPX time is finally here! For those not in the now, this is an event where hundreds of the best indie/web cartoonists out there get together to sell and make beautiful things for your amusement.  With hundreds of creators collected under one roof, and admission only being $10, there is no excuse to not hop on a bus and get yourself to the DC area! (It's right next to a Metro station, so if you have friends and relative in DC, give them a surprise visit!)

I will be at table A8, with the lovely Heidi Black.  The other side of our Corner of Power, table A7, will contain the amazing Becca Hillburn and the mighty Emily Kluwin.

I suggest everyone make me look good in front of my peers by buying lots of things. I will have both Precocious books - possible with bonus front page doodles - charms and buttons (including the NEW designs), and my art card binder.  If you've been eyeing one of the art cards in the store, grab it now. It may not come back with me after SPX! I should have stuff for other commissions, such as character badges, too, so ask if you're interested!

And never be afraid to bother me when I'm at my table. If I'm working on art, my head might be down. You are encouraged to come up and look at what I'm drawing and chat with me! I do these shows so I can see you folks!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Copper Road! 9/10/13

Instead of cleaning my bedroom, I made you a comic! Oh, the sacrifices I (and all creators) make for my (their) art. Vote on TWC to see the new comic!