Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Copper Road! 9/25/13

Tonight I realized I'd miscounted the Copper Roads for this month, and I needed one more. So here you go! I wish I could say this was inspired by me fiddling around with iOS 7's new beeps and boops, but I wrote it before I knew iOS 7 was even a thing. Whatever, let's go with the synergy.

Vote on TWC to see this new comic!  See it now, because one more Copper Road is coming this month. (I think on Sunday.)

By the way, this week the final push of Kickstarter shipping is happening! Special cases aside, those who haven't received their rewards yet will be getting them soon! (Soon being a relative term for international orders. It'll take a while, but will be on its way!)

This also means that those who missed out on the preorder will soon be able to buy the books!  I'll post an update when the Precocious store is stocked.  Until then, go browse the art pieces there. It's breaking my heart that so many pieces haven't found homes yet.

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