Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The book three preorder is LIVE!

It's been a long time coming, and it's something super-special! Book three, Party Crashers, is ready for you to make it a thing!  Grab the new book, which is in BEAUTIFUL COLOR to match the comic's transition into color updates, and build your Precocious collection with lots of neat stuff!

The books cover the range of comics from #618 to #1015. Since I strive to make the book and online experiences unique, book three contains special print-only goodies - just like the other two books! (Books one and two have been revised and are being reprinted, so make sure to complete the set!) Keeping with the birthday theme, this year's bonus story covers the saga of Jacob's birthday party. You will also find a cast page and background information - yes, the book gets a cast page update while the website doesn't - and lots of tidbits about the stories with commentary introducing each story.

Artist editions are back as the Precocious highlight, and they're beautiful as ever! This year's bonuses include a new Jacob magnet (I'm hoping for bad-shirt Jacob!) and window clings! (Thank Darc of Code Name: Hunter for giving me that idea!) I shared early sketches in this comment thread, and you have a chance to guide me to the final designs as the campaign goes on.

(On that note, make sure you tie your Kickstarter account to an email you check regularly! You don't want to miss out on updates and offering as the campaign evolves. Use those accounts, friends! If you message me there, I have them right on your order profile and I can easily check to see exactly what you want!)

In addition to offering the book, I am having a big sale on Precocious comic originals! You can now hold your favorite gags, and some of Precocious' defining moments, in your hand, and display it on your wall! Here's the master list of originals available. I can add to it at your request! This is the time to grab your piece of Precocious history, as prices go back up once the campaign ends.

Printing in color is expensive. Shipping went up across the board over the past year. It takes a lot to do the bare minimum needed to make this book happen - but if we can hit that goal early, that means there's time for STRETCH GOALS! Cupcakes of Bliss are waiting for a chance to return, with new doll designs! There will be chances to unlock new goodies, or extra Copper Road comics! At the end of this funding rainbow? A SECRET PRECOCIOUS BOOK!  Can you enable its creation?

I've put it all out there for you! Let's make this campaign a success! GET YOUR COPY NOW!

The Precocious Originals Up For Sale!

UPDATE:  New Copper Road and Precocious originals have been added! You will find them at the bottom of this post!  (After losing a chunk of my Kickstarter update today due to a browser crash, I'm saving this as I edit it - so I apologize if you stumble upon this post before the correct links for the new additions are in place.)

As part of the book three Kickstarter campaign, I am offering original comic pages for sale at a HUGE discount when paired with a book order. (Get then now, because prices go back up after this is done!) These pictures give you a better look of the originals for offer. They will come to you in protective plastic, with backing board. After each photo, you will find the titles and links to the web version of the comic. More originals can be added to this list by request!

Going in order ascending order:

Comic #28: "Poor Timing
Comic #38: "How Else Can One Land a Husband?"
Comic #44: "See?"
Comic #51: "Chess: Not Just an Analogy for War"

Comic #58: "Everybody Dance Now"
Comic #77:  "Those Bridges, and that House, are Burned"
Comic #110: "My First Chance to Traumatize You"  
Comic #115: "It's a Branding Issue"

Comic #117: "Exceedingly Cute"
Comic #127: "Max's Birthday Party"
Comic #128: "This Party is a Blast!"
Comic #156: "Insane Theatrics"

Comic #163: "Doctor Oven is a not a Kind Instructor"
Comic #167: "Holy Cognitive Dissonance"
Comic #177: "Sapphire Bowling"
Comic #180: "This is not Dodgeball"  

Comic #210: "NERDS!"
Comic #235: "Disorganize Some Sports"
Comic #236: "Hu's on First"
Comic #245: "Center Field"  

Comic #277: "Inferior Opponents"
Comic #289: "Target Man"
Comic #293: "An Adorable Concussion"  
Comic #299: "Muffins of Doom"

Comic #305: "Moms with Free Time"
Comic #306: "Aimless Ivy"  
Comic #363: "The Center of Attention"  
Comic #385: "Grounded" 
Comic #416: "Powers of Distraction"

Comic #426: "A Loving Family"  
Comic #427: "Let it Snow"
Comic #479: "We are not Amused"  
Comic #480: "A Matriarchy"
Comic #482: "Not the Queen"

Comic #488: "Progress Report: Group D"
Comic #495: "Together!"
Comic #524: "Paranoia Flakes"  
Comic #553: "Both Sides Together"
Comic #563: "Metabolism"

Comic #566: "Terror Therapy"  
Comic #567: "On the Water"
Comic #580: "Flying a Kite"
Comic #581: "Practice Makes Perfect"  
Comic #583: "Rule #1"

Comic #585: "Connect the Dots"
Comic #593: "Autumn, We're Bored"
Comic #605: "Can't Even Move"  
Comic #606: "There's a Bug on my Nose"
Comic #609: "A Delicious Death"

Comic #613: "Uh Oh Week 4"
Comic #618: "Uh Oh Week 8" 

Comic #631: "Hello Strange Kids"
Comic #637: "Unearthly Delights"
Comic #645: "Tap Tap Tap"
Comic #646: "Broken"
Comic #655: "The Aftermath"

Comic #657: "Someone's at the Door"
Comic #674: "Button Masher"  
Comic #688: "Meanwhile..."
Comic #695: "More Sage Advice"  
Comic #706: "Silhouetted"

Comic #708: "Welcome Back"
Comic #709: "Punishment"
Comic #715: "Making a Mess"
Comic #729: "Kid Shield"
Comic #766: "A Responsible Adult"

Comic #769: "Dreaming of the City"  
Comic #776: "The Things They'll Learn"
Comic #790: "A Hands-On Exhibit"
Comic #792: "Envy"  
Comic #818: "The Protest Begins"

Comic #821: "The Counter-Protest Begins"  
Comic #863: "We're Actors Now"  
Comic #867: "Acting Experience"  
Comic #877: "Rule #2"
Comic #881: "Rule #7"

Comic #882: "Rule #25"  
Comic #893: "The Kids as Teenagers"  
Comic #907: "To the Counselor's Office!"  
Comic #911: "Challenge Accepted!"  
Comic #926: "Mandatory"

Comic #936: "Autumn's Bedroom"  
Comic #962: "Great Party"
Comic #972: "Goodnight, Pingos"
Comic #976: "On Sapphire Lake"  
Comic #977: "Hugs!"

Comic #979: "Another Invention"  
Comic #981: "Rise!"  
Comic #996: "For Sale"  
Comic #1001: "What a Party!"


Comic #338: "Who has the power now?"  
Comic #564: "Digging a Hole"  
Comic #199: "This is why I stay away"  
Comic #200: "Paddlebaddleboats"
Comic #660: "The Creature That Ate Everything"
Comic #676: "Guidance by Ball"
Comic #945: "Pingoball"  
Comic #978: "The Usual Suspects"

Comic #49: "Fearsomely Cute" 
Comic #184: "Jacob's Life Story in Four Panels"  
Comic #107: "Assigned Seats"


Copper Road #98: "Keeping up Appearances"  
Copper Road #85: "Birthday Gift" 
Copper Road #109: "Earworm"
Copper Road #87: "Crazy Outfits"

Copper Road #103: "Transforming"  
Copper Road #73: "Avengers" 
Copper Road #74: "Fanfic"
Copper Road #128: "Geek Signals"

Copper Road #130: "Are You Ready For Some Football?"
Copper Road #120: "Tales of No-See-Um"
Copper Road #117: "Smuggled Goods"
Copper Road #76: "A Final Request"

Copper Road #97: "Channel Surfing" 
Copper Road #102: "Division Champs"
Copper Road #65: "Mini Mes"
Copper Road #148: "Turn Left"

Copper Road #43: "On-Cue Corruption"
Copper Road #3: "Popcorn Flicks" 
Copper Road #68: "What to Draw"
Copper Road #25: "One Track Mind"
Copper Road #32: "It's Great to be a Kid"
Copper Road #63: "Down With the Sickness" 

Copper Road #107: "Fast Food Experience"
Copper Road #56: "Guilty Pleasure"
Copper Road #61: "Buzzer Beater"
Copper Road #145: "Orange Buddies"

Monday, May 19, 2014

New Copper Road! 5/19/14

Hey, look! I made one! Please enjoy this as a peace offering, while I go be sick in bed a little longer. (That would be why the preorder isn't up yet. Everything's ready to go BUT ME. Coming very soon, though!) Ahh, I want to make more of these. You should totally back the upcoming pre-order enough to force me to draw more of them!

Vote here to see the latest comic! Once this one rotates out, whenever that may be, I'll put it, and the last group of Copper Roads, onto the archive page with the rest.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bonus deleted scene!

I had this scripted, and a bout of mental illness made me draw it instead of working on next week's comics! And now I have to draw another Copper Road in a week to cycle this out when it stops being timely. WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!?!

Anyway, vote here to see the bonus comic for the Green Thumb/Black Thumb story!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Copper Road! 5/1/14

Whenever I draw a comic at night and say, "I'll post it in the morning," I'm lucky if I can remember before dinner time the next day. So 3pm isn't bad! That's only moderate failure! Please enjoy this comic. I felt like an 80's stand up comedian while writing it.

Vote here to see the new Copper Road! They haven't be coming that fast, but it's all going to be worth it.  I've been devoting myself to travels, book prep - THE FILES ARE READY! PREORDERING HAPPENS SOON! - and, well, not dying.

I'm super tired right now, because I've been pushing myself really hard - but, again, it's all to ready the great stuff that's coming up! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to nap until Sunday evening - when I really have to figure out what I'm putting on the site for Monday.