Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Vote to see a deleted scene!

Since there's a good chance the camp story will end up running long, I'm making some of the comics into deleted scenes! For today's bonus, have two extra Colleen-centric offerings stuck together into one update (because doing rapid-fire updating for vote incentives is silly)!

The rule with deleted scene stuff is that they exist as a vote incentive - so vote here to see it - until the next incentive rolls in - likely August 1st in this case - and once they're gone they do not get posted to the website. They usually don't show up again until the books.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Copper Road! 7/20/14

Oh no, this is the last finished script in my Copper Road file. I have to, like, THINK again for the next one. Boooooo!!! Anyway, vote to see the new comic!

While I have done Kaitlyn's mission for individual albums, I can't say I've tried to flex my tracking muscles that way yet. (Time for a new task!) As for Hi's part - I'm with you, dude! My car is from the last millennium, so advanced future tech like CD players were not part of its package. I kept the tradition alive for a long time!

By the way, the next bonus item will likely be a double-dose, and I intend to count it as two items towards my Kickstarter-fueled bonus obligations!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Copper Road! 7/11/14

Trying to cram thirteen kids' summer vows into five comics (thanks, adults, for taking up TWO DAYS) is a tough task, so enter Copper Road to be a savior!  Vote here to see the new comic!

This one I feel bad about, as you either have to assume everyone is horrible, or that at least one of them is joking. (Do remember that Precocious is known for having some deeply, darkly sarcastic parents.)

In other news, thanks to all the Kickstarter backers who have returned their surveys so far. I'll be tallying up everyone's responses through the weekend and preparing my fulfillment checklists. I haven't reviewed all the surveys yet, so if there's a special note I'll respond to it when I see it. A few boxes will be on their way tomorrow, though most of the basic orders will be departing midway through next week. (I have someone coming in to help with the labeling and packing.) Book sketches and other backer bonuses will begin once July orders are taken care of!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Back in town! Time for booooks!

I had yet another wonderful weekend at Anthrocon! Super power thanks to my lovely roomies for this trip: Mat Sherer and the Bittersweet Candy Bowl Team! Having you as my captive audience was as fun for me as it must have been hell for you. *Insert evil Tiffany smile here*  I cherish this con, as it's my one chance a year to talk with so many people I adore. I'm pretty sure I spend far too much time as a grinning zombie - unable to contribute to any conversation going on, but loving that I was there to witness it!

Thanks also to all the brave ones who came by my table and got to hear my dumb stories. The kindness, acceptance and generosity of convention-goers allows me to keep going to these shows.  Thanks to luck of the draw and scheduling issues, Anthrocon ended up being my last con of 2014. (I'll swap out the con graphic on the main page soon.) For next year, I only have three conventions planned so far - so who wants to give me a reason to apply to more shows?

While I'm exhausted and playing a big game of post-con catch-up - I currently have no Precocious buffer - it's time to begin Kickstarter fulfillment!  Surveys are going out THIS week, thanks to delays caused by travel and poorly-timed internet outages. Fulfillment for basic orders should begin as early as next week.  (A few already have their goodies!)  Kickstarter backers take priority, so I'm not offering the books for general sale until I'm deeper into fulfillment.

Or I might just sleep for seven days straight. In that case, just mentally change the post date for this post accordingly and try to forget all those days with no Precocious update.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Copper Road! Anthrocon! Kickstarter!

New Copper Road, but more on that in a bit...

It's time, everyone! I will be at Anthrocon this weekend, with the debut of the super-pretty book three! The birthday cake gift boxes will be back for all who get a badge or art card commission, and I will have a few Cupcakes of Bliss! Another debut will be Precocious cast poster!  Lots of other good stuff will be there - including my assistant, Mat of Badly Drawn Kitties - so come to table L18 and buy many things!

Ok, *now* we can Copper Road it up! I could have easily made this a comic raging against June only having 30 days  - I may know the calendar, but I could REALLY use that 31st day with con prep! - but instead you get another rant about something more important: HOW COULD KEEBLER DO SOMETHING THIS TERRIBLE!?!?! Little Debbie can pull it off! We need an emergency Bud visit to make life worth it again. Vote here to see the new comic!

Finally, for you Kickstarter backers, I sent out my pre-survey primer! Surveys will start going out tonight and tomorrow, and they'll likely finish arriving once I'm back from the con. (As always, show mercy to the artist coming back from a busy weekend. I will be fully zonked for most of next week. THEN the fun begins!)