Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Copper Road! 9/19/13

If you've been following along with me on various social sites, you'll have seen a lot of Animal Crossing stuff. Why? It's not just a hug in video game form, but also your kid/pet in video game form, so you want to share all the stories of the cute things they do! (BREE SAT ON A STUMP! OH MY GOODNESS!) Vote on TWC to see the new comic, and laugh at the insanity of me and those like me.

(But be nice. During my struggles with chronic pain this year, Animal Crossing gives me something to do when I'm so worn down I can't work any more. That's when I play it, and I'm so grateful to have something to keep me sane during those rough stretches.)

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Iron Ed said...

I certainly do not fault you for finding something to take your mind off of pain! You've done a wonderful job of keeping up with Precocious et al. Do what you must to deal with things! I am sorry for all your pains (and the other problems this summer!) and Thank You for what you've been able to manage in spite of it all!