Friday, November 8, 2013

Contest Results!

With the grand prize being awarded in the comic's costume contest, that means I can announce the results of the costume contest involving you readers! (See the big costume art gallery here!)

And your winner is...

As you can see, I disagreed with Ms. Monster. Creeping her out is what I call a bonus! Congratulations to Steven Towne for thinking up this wonderful idea.  This one did hit all the right notes. It played into the character's strengths, was super clever, helped inspire some great gags and it was far better than anything I could have planned for Bud! (I actually had no idea what his final costume would be, so thank goodness for clever readers stepping in!) Steven, you win an art piece featuring Bud's costume in action! (More details will come to you via email.)

There is another prize up for grabs too! All those who suggested ideas got put on a list, and I used a random number generator to choose that winner. And the winner of the draw is.... Steven Towne! Again! Hey, I never said winning the grand prize disqualifies you from this draw. Random fate loves you too, Steven! A book, or an art card from the store is yours to enjoy.

Here is a rundown of the story's reader-inspired costumes, in order of appearance, noting the brilliant mind behind the idea. (Costumes not mentioned on this list are from *my* brilliant mind.) Some ideas I seized and drew as is. Others I tweaked somewhat. Some people's ideas matched up with ones I already had in the script, but they still get credit!

Yvette as an invisible woman - Samuel Morehead
Bud as a Muffin of Doom - Samuel Morehead again.
Quincy as a Ghostbuster - DRB
Roddy as a Number 2 Pencil - James Rhone
Dionne as Marie Antoinette - Nefaria
Tiffany as Mothra - Seth Latter
Max as Indiana Jones - Christopher Trumbour
Bud as The Chef Special - Steven Towne
Kaitlyn as the On-Hu Ball - KZero

Congratulations to all above, and thank you to all others who suggested ideas. I feel terrible that so many brilliant suggestions didn't make it in, but this has been a wonderful experience. I hope you all enjoyed reading the Halloween story as much as I did drawing it!

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