Friday, November 8, 2013

The Costume Contest Gallery!

First off, much thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, be it with text answers or with the art. You gave me so many good ideas to work with! As you can see in the gallery below, some of the best didn't make it into the story - but not for lack of imagination or talent.

Here I put lots of lovely artwork on display, so all can love and praise it! (If I missed uploading your entry, please contact me so I can add it to this post. I tried to file my emails properly, but some may have slipped through.)

Jacob and Tiffany as Fiona and Cake from Adventure Time, Autumn as Black Widow, Vincent as the Pokemon Stoutland and Yvette as the Cheshire Cat, all by Rachel Edwards:

Chef Special Bud, by Steven Towne:

Dionne as Harley Quinn, Autumn as the Red Queen, Vincent as a Rainbow Dash Brony and Bud and Tiffany as witch-hunting Hansel and Gretel, all by Ismael Becerra:

Dionne as a vampire and Roddy as Luigi, by Jonathan Sullivan:

Jacob as a Shark, by Leafpool (you didn't include your name!):

Kaitlyn as the On-Cue Ball, Tiffany as a Christmas Tree, Autumn as Autumn, Bud as Ronald McOven and Roddy as the Silver Surver, all by KZero:

Ursula as a pirate, by DRB:

Autumn as a rebel pilot, by OwenDaHusky:

I'm so grateful to all of you. Contributions like these do so much for motivating me! I know what an effort it is to make something special, and I appreciate it so so so so so much!

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Iron Ed said...

Wow! So much talent and imagination! -Almost- makes me glad I didn't get my sketches in on time. ;-)

Actually, I have finished pencil sketches for Dionne, Vincent and Ursula, and a 2/3 done sketch for Tiffany. Unfortunately my main computer died and I can't get my scanner recognized by my two half-dead, antique back-ups! I will eventually get this straightened out and will forward the sketches to you before posting to DeviantArt. :-)