Friday, November 1, 2013

New Copper Road! 11/2/13

Yes, normally you get a new comic on the 1st, but delaying it a day meant I could synergize and have two Yvette comics at once! Vote here to see the new comic! I hope you enjoy it!

As it is a new month, that means all of last month's Copper Roads are no on the website archive. You can now go relive all the magic!

So what's up, November? Now that my convention season is over, focus turns to making things nice and happy at the home office.  Book 3 work starts soon.  Currently planning the Kickstarter preorder for January. This campaign will be much bigger than the last one, as I hope to print book 3 in color!

As for the last Kickstarter, there's one owed streaming session left. Now that both parties have compatible schedules, this could happen as early as next weekend. I will also be doing a test stream night before the paid work, so I can try and optimize my new studio setup for streaming.  During the test stream, I'll be coloring a few pre-drawn art cards. Keep watch on the front page to see when those streaming dates will happen.

Oh, and if you click on that last link you'll see that a store update should happen in the next week. I want to bring back the swag bags, so people can get their hands on goodies usually only available at conventions. The store updates slowly when left to me alone, but if you have a craving for original comics, a Cupcake of Bliss or more of the 2" charms from the Kickstarter, write me an email and give me a kick in the rear.

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