Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Copper Road! 10/30/13

*Checks calendar*  Oh dear, I'm running out of days to make Copper Roads. I, uh, I really hope all those deleted scenes I've posted this year give me some credit here.

Anyway, enjoy this look into the dummy costuming. Both actual dummy costume, and dummy costume that will soon become a real costume.  Extra changes in this process!  Vote here to see the comic!

Yvette actually had a third variation on her look in the original outlines. In three instances, a fan suggestion was close to my own idea, so I went with their vision. (Kaiju Tiffany was another, and the last hasn't appeared yet.) Yvette was originally a wallflower, but eliminating the decal made her invisible! And let me make this comic! Yaaaay!

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