Friday, November 22, 2013

One last burst of streaming - Saturday, 8pm

This Saturday, November 23rd, 8pm Eastern time. Come watch:

It's less warning time than I'd planned, because I fell asleep before posting this and writing my emails last night, but it is happening! Let's steam some art!

This is the last of the Kickstarter streams, delayed first because of his work schedule and later because I am constantly near death. I will be coloring art that is featured in this sketch blog post - except for that Bud card up there. That's the costume contest prize, and will likely be drawn off-stream. The only time for a test stream to figure out my new setup is tonight, so I dunno. I may color it tonight, but probably not with an audience.

The stream is set for four hours, so if you have a moment tomorrow night, feel free to jump in and watch at any time.  You do not need a Ustream account to watch, but if you get one you can follow streaming announcements and be able to have your username appear in chat. Remember there is a lag in the stream, plus I can't read the chat window when I'm looking down to color, so there will always be a delay between you saying something, me seeing it, me responding and you hearing that response.  I have a much more stable internet connection for this stream, so I hope things go smoothly!

Oh yeah, no Pony spoilers, and no Doctor Who spoilers. I think those two premiers happen on Saturday, and both your artist and the client won't have been able to watch yet.  BE GOOD.

(You know... I have a Doctor Hu script. Maybe I need to draw it tonight and post it for tomorrow...)

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