Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How to spend a lot of energy and look like you've done nothing

In an effort to increase the Precocious experience, I am in the process to adding hovertext to all the comics. It's like each strip gets a second, lamer, joke! Also, in and effort to increase the annoyance experience, I have added StumbleUpon buttons to all 2009 comics. THIS MEANS YOU PEOPLE SHOULD START STUMBLING!

Oh yeah, there's on problem. There's no way my internet connection is stable enough to upload everything! I may try later tonight, when epic failure won't be noticed by as many people. Or I might wait until I've titled and buttoned all the intro strips as well.

Look at all the stuff I do when I'm incapable of doing anything *actually* useful. My Precocious buffer is down to one week, so I gotta get working! Any smaller buffer and I go full crazy person panic!

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