Friday, April 24, 2009

Doomed to obscurity

You know, I was so proud of today's comic. Not only was it funny, but we've secretly replaced Max with a previously unseen character. Let's see if the readers notice!

Uh, guess they didn't. DAMN YOU, READERS!

I'm building towards a joke here that requires people to notice this strange kid in the background and not think, "Eh, he has so many characters anyway - guess I forgot this one." If you are confused, check the cast page! I wanted to see a "Who is this guy?" comment today - not a "Wait, which one is Dionne again?" question. *facepalm* I know she hasn't been around in a while; but, even if this was your first time reading, her identity should be clear from the context of the strip. Also, CAST PAGE!

Now, you loyal blog readers already know the new kid's identity - but I stuck Google Analytics on this sucker and I know my loyal blog readers number around 15. I could give away the next few months of scripts here and most of my readers would never know!

Poor Vincent, you are not only ignored by my cast, but by everyone else as well.


Applejinx said...

If you are suggesting your blog readers are unimportant and deserving of scorn, aren't you instead insulting a SMALL number of people? :D

Christopher J Paulsen said...

I'm insulting the *non-blog* readers, but I'm sure I'll get around to infuriating everyone eventually. I'm good like that.