Sunday, April 5, 2009

Decidedly unsexy work

I apologize for the lack of sexy sharing recently. I've been all about the work, so play is pushed aside. I'd love to fill a gallery with flashy stuff, but first I have to construct the building!

Today was about the website. Maintaining a website is like being a janitor or sportscaster. You work is meant to be taken for granted. If someone notices you, it's because you've screwed up. Thus, I can spend all day doing minor updates and it looks (and feels) like I did nothing. This is stuff that needs to be done, though, because otherwise people would start to NOTICE I'm lagging behind.

I wanted to ink today. I wanted to finish a bunch of strips! I didn't, because FIRST I have to set myself up for the next week of updates. I need my comics scanned and ready to go.

Doing this gruntwork just saps the energy from a person, too. I have the artist arrogance - I SHOULD CREATE! Doing this tedium means I can't be making amazing art! I am denying the world my gift! Yeah, well, unless a shockingly-gifted and selfless altruist magically appears, I've got to do it all myself. Cherry on top: By getting one task out of the way, you clear the path to see.. a bigger task waiting for you!

I drive myself nuts for a reason, though. I am trying to work as hard as I can in this inopportune time so that I can rock harder when things lighten up. I can bitch and moan all I want - it's healthy purging - but as long I'm keeping productive, even if it's unsexy production, then I'm doing it right.

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