Monday, April 6, 2009

Go to hell, April!

Get in the corner with Rhode Island, April!

I'm not two Sundays away from having this damn month finished - in strip form at least. Tonight I hope to get one of those Sundays done. The second Sunday will have to wait, as I have NO IDEA what it'll be. By the way - now that I'm out of Sunday templates, I'm going double-decker and stacking two regular-sized strips - IN COLOR! It's both lazy *and* gives me more space with which to work!

I wish I could say I was building up my buffer so I could work on the website, make Precocious promo art, get caught up on the boards with much-needed socializing or anything fun like that. No, instead I'm rushing so I'll be set strip-wise when cancer claims my grandmother and family funeral fun begins. So, yeah, fuck April.

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geoff byrd said...

Who the hell is April? Sorry April, I just wanted to say hi to Chris to tell him I'm enjoying his work. Aren't you? Never mind. Chris, Love it, Love it, as always. I like the black and white! I like the color! Did I mention that I like the black and white, too? What is it about Precocious that turns me into a blithering idiot? Or is it that I'm a parent? See you around! geoff