Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Swing away Merrill. Merrill... swing away.

The theory here is that the hardest hitters in baseball also tend to have the most strike outs, as seen in the movie Signs. I may be completely uninspired and stressed out right now, but I'll keep swinging away. You'll just have to use selective memory to cherish my home runs and ignore my strikeouts.

This is one of my teeny 9"x12" paintings, which are used as style exercises. I painted it during an embarrassing Capitals playoff game. Going into the playoffs, all the sportswriters said the pressure was on the Caps' goalie. This was the day the goalie could rise up and show he wasn't the weak link! He could be a hero! Yeah, he turned non-corporeal and let through every decent shot that came at him. He was a miserable failure and proved all the naysayers right. It's THAT inspiring story that unfolded while I painted. Man, nothing is going my way.

After watching that epic failure, I immediately turned to the Orioles game - and watched an inning where they gave up seven unearned runs, including allowing a grand slam. The massively incompetent pitching let the Rangers bat around twice and score a dozen runs. (They also let a Ranger hit for the cycle.) After all that sucking, the Orioles finally got to bat and - one guy hit a home run!

Of course, in that analogy, the result is morale-destroying failure and loss in spite of minor success. WELCOME TO MY WEEK!

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