Saturday, November 24, 2012

Commission streaming Tuesday!

I promised to start with commissions again after Thanksgiving, and here we go! On Tuesday I will be drawing a con badge owed from Midwest FurFest and tackling the complex full-page commission of the above sketch. (UPDATE:  The above piece got pushed back a week. Here are the final inks, if you need temptation to come next time and see it colored.)

My current approach to handling commissions is to set up a queue, drawing a few a week over the streams. Each stream will cover two or three marker commissions, with art card requests filling any unpaid time. As always, I will be chatting and answering viewer questions. Read more on the Buy Stuff page. Tuesday's queue is full, but the rest of the future is still open. I'll edit this post if/when that changes.

I can add a second day for streaming if there's demand - and my schedule can flex slightly for clients who want to see their work done outside the usual streaming times. If you don't want to see your work drawn, or we can't work out the timing, I will still draw it over the stream unless you tell me not to.  Streaming helps me balance my commission and comic work, while allowing me to build a stronger Precocious community and provide some entertainment!  (And you guys get to both inspire me with your chatting *and* keep me on task!)

I still don't have a set weekly streaming day - and it seems pointless to try to settle on one during holiday-packed December - but these front page posts (and the schedule on my Ustream page) will show you the way, as well as list my current queue.

And, while I have you, the next Copper Road will be appearing on December 1st. The convention, holiday and my ongoing dental disaster slowed me down, so I need the time to try rebuilding a buffer for Precocious.

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