Monday, November 19, 2012

Thank you, Midwest Furfest!

Look! Look! Badges by me everywhere! These people are heroes!

I had such a wonderful time getting to meet so many great people, and being able to draw so many awesome characters! You folks did so much for my self-esteem. I never could have imagined selling out of commission slots or having a line of people at my table in only my first year of conventioneering. I cannot thank you all enough!

I'll be posting some of the work I did over on my FA account through the next week. I was working so hard, I forgot to snap pics of half the commissions I drew - so if you got something from me, I'd appreciate it if you could scan it and link me to it!

For those who came by on Sunday when my queue was full, I said I would start drawing commissions again after Thanksgiving, and that will indeed happen! Feel free drop me an email now and set things up.  The next commission stream is currently scheduled for Tuesday the 27th - assuming I get commissions for it. Otherwise, it'll be a restocking-the-art-cards stream. I'll try to create a bare-bones commissions/store page for this site in the next week to make it easier for everyone.

Super thanks to Mat of Ask BDK, who volunteered to be my table buddy for the con. Your hand-drawn business cards were the best things - and thank you so much for letting me ride your coattails and hang with all the best people! Super thanks as well to the Code Name: Hunter team for convincing me to attend the con. You might not have been able to be there with me, but it's because of you things have gone so well!


Unolup said...

Yeah, um, like I said, next time someone asks me to pose at an unnatural angle, I will ask to SEE the photo instead of taking the shooters word that I look great.

Heh heh... oh well, all in good fun. Had a great time and it was great to meet ya!

DRB_II said...

Uno! So there was another regular commenter there Friday! And here I was thinking I missed everyone.

Unolup said...

I don't know if you check comments on old blog entries, but I thought you should know the man on the left, my good friend known in the fandom as Sesame Bun, passed away yesterday morning after a series of seizures. He was 29.