Sunday, November 4, 2012

Artist Trading Cards: Collected!

With the swag bags selling out, all that's left to grab are commissions, and these artist trading cards are one of the options! If you see a star in the corner of a card, that means they are still available for purchase. Each is $10, and they come in a hard protective card sleeve.

EDIT: The Yvette witch, Dionne ice cream, scheming Bud, rainy Jacob and Autumn cloning cards are taken. (I am too lazy to reupload the image with the changes. Deal with it!)

Want me to create a custom one for you? No problem! I normally do a couple every streaming session, and paid work gets priority. (Next stream is Thursday, by the way.)


DRB_II said...

Hey, whaddya mean the Autumn cloning one is unclaimed? *lightly miffed*

If the unclaimed ones make their way to MFF, I may have to pick up... several.

Christopher J Paulsen said...

Oh, right, sorry. Since it was promised in the chat, I didn't take the time to note it in my file. I fergawt.