Saturday, November 3, 2012

Abusing the trust of others

When you volunteer your face for someone's portrait practicing, you gotta know the risks.

This is Michael Kinyon, webcomics superreader and all-around awesome dude. Other webcomic creators have stepped in to comickize his profile pic in the past, so I decided to give it a go.

The plan here was to use his face as a test case for various portrait types. I'm more comfortable doing the life-drawing painterly stuff than cartoonizing folks at this point, so all those who stumble into my path these days end up as a hybrid of the two as I work my way to something new.  This is the first portrait test with him. I wanna try a toonier look and my old-school "stained glass" portrait stuff later.

And here's a test to see how it'd work as an icon. Dumb me used the long 5.5x17 pad of paper, which I've been drawing book two's bonus art on, and I promptly forgot the mission was for a square portrait. I'll get you next time, dude's face!

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