Friday, November 9, 2012

Saturday afternoon stream - MFF prep!

Thanks for coming! I may do one more stream before MFF, so keep checking this spot!

Midwest Furfest is next week, and I am sooooo not prepared! I don't know how I'm packing, and I'm low on commission examples. That's where you come in! Streaming is wonderful motivation, thanks to the great interaction with all the chatters! (I appreciate those who just watch as well. So happy for all who come!) I need to make four art cards (last night's haul is pictured above), at least one badge, two watercolor babes and a half-page character commission before I do my final packing on Wednesday. Welp, time to stream! Saturday is the only day I can do it before the full panic sets in, so Saturday it is!

I'm setting the stream time as 4pm, so those meddling Europeans can watch without wrecking their sleep schedules. It'll go until my hand falls off. You can find the stream here:

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