Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Gingerfoxes

Update: Now with less typos and more links!

You may have some questions about today's comic, so here's a bit of story time!

Cameos are fun things, and cartoonists do them to play with friends and make new ones - most are just background characters.  That's how I started, by making Ginger's Beer. Ginger's Bread isn't remotely close to being Precocious's universe, being humans and all, so I furrified Ginger. (It was once a threat, then a cruel reality.)

The joke was that Precocious Gingerfox was good at business too! Was she just a spokesmodel? Was she the owner of her company? It didn't matter. It was all in good fun.

And then Autumn (and Bud, to a lesser extent) popped up in Ginger's Bread as humans - with Ginger starting the whole nemesis thing by stealing Autumn's fox hat. (Which is something I desperately want!) We had a good thing going!

Then I screwed it all up. I was set to give someone a random cameo in a random Precocious strip about the kids destroying a substitute teacher. Well, the person I was giving the cameo to annoyed me the day I drew it, so I instead threw in the first recognizable character I could think of - and Gingerfox is very distinctive!

Problem is... this one acted NOTHING like Ginger, and counteracted my own GingerCorp character. So...  now I have two Gingerfoxes - neither of which could match actual Ginger.  Carl's guest strip eventually gave me a THIRD Ginger, to reinforce the nemesis joke that he, being a better cartoonist, had kept consistent. (And I had fueled it in my own guest strip for him.)

Today we get Ginger #4 - who, having been informed by her sisters of the antagonism, decided to escalate things.  Oh, and Gingerfox and RealGinger both wearing 4 shirts this week was a happy coincidence. We were chatting as we made comics, and discovered we were drawing the same thing for different reasons.  I changed the color of the shirt in my comic to match his to make it more fun.

I haven't decided yet if there are seven or eight Gingerfoxes in the Precociousverse - considering this is more of a cartoonist joke than actual subplot, I feel little pressure to make anything truly canon.  This is more to amuse me (and him) but I hope you are amused as well.

It should be noted that, at this point, Gingerfox and HumanAutumn are treated as part of the comic they appear in.  RealGinger operates a bakery, and I don't think any of mine do. My Autumn never ages, but HumanAutumn will, as she is governed by Gingerverse laws - and Carl is free to play with her, wherever it goes. Since Precocious is a bit crazier, I'm not creating anything too epic - just occasional background jokes or putting Autumn through a Scott Pilgrim thing because I think it's funny.

Both situations are nothing more than very minor characters, used for fun.  We let each other know what's coming, and don't do anything nuts or mean. If anything bad happens between us, like me stealing his cat or him seducing my mother, these minor minor minor characters just won't pop up again. We cool. We funnin'.


roguebfl said...

You could go for 9 Gingerfox sisters for the Kitsune reference.

Codefox said...

Makes me curious what the original cameo was supposed to be for the substitute!

That's really funny though and now I need to check out this other comic I think, too. 8)

e_voyager said...

it makes me wonder, do all of the ginger's have an enmity toward Autumn? if so why?