Monday, November 5, 2012

Commissions and bonus comics!

Now that all slots for swag bags and cast cards have been claimed, the fundraiser shifts to full commission mode! Let's go over what's available! (If you're interested, drop me a note!)

Note: My usual super-fast turnaround times won't always be in effect. Due to convention and holiday traveling, I need to work hard on building Precocious' buffer in addition to all usual work. I will likely take one day a week and work only on commissions, in addition to all commissions done via streaming.

Artist trading cards! - Click the link to see a current collection of cards.  These cards are $10 each and I tend to stream their completion. You can claim any of the available ones, or request something new. Cards are 2.5x3.5" and come in a protective case.

Character badges! - Want to see your character drawn in my style? These badges are 3x4" and cost $15. They come in a badge holder. (No clip, unless you pick it up in person at a convention, due to postage concerns.) These may also be streamed.

Watercolors! - Fancy stuff! These are one-figure commissions, and that figure can be my character, your character, a pet or just some cool animal.  I'm flexible.  Watercolors are $30 for an 8.5x5.5" piece.

Swag bags! - Wait, what? So, it turns out I was sent the wrong kind of envelopes when I ordered them way back when. They aren't the self-sealers I wanted, BUT the box I did get had five more envelopes than what I ordered. So... swagging is still technically possible.  $25 for all the button and magnets, plus an art card.

Larger marker commissions (up to 9x12") are available too, but you have to email your ideas to me to get a quote.  Prices start at $25 for a 6x9" one-character piece and go from there.

What are we working towards? Bonus comics! I've been developing a story with 15 double-size pages, and I will make it for you if the bar on the front page fills up.  If you guys keep active and help me pay bills, then I will give some love back!

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