Monday, December 22, 2014

New Bonus Scene! 12/22

Since this story hasn't had enough Autumn-taunting yet, extra bonus comics were needed! Vote here to see it! (I hope TWC is displaying this one properly. If not, check back in the morning.) Turns out that trying to sell out classmates doesn't win hearts and minds as well as bribery and 'Stand and Deliver' motivation.

A reminder: Bonus/Deleted scenes do not go in the online archive. They're bonuses made for active supporters who help bring new readers to Precocious via voting - and, later, those who invest in me by purchasing the books, which contain these extra comics, along with piles of other bonus material. (Also suggested methods of support: Word of mouth, disabling ad block and buying books for people!) I'm not sure if these extra comics for this story will make a book, though, so I'll probably put them on the front page for the January 1st news post.

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