Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The goal today is FINISH THE PAINTING! Should I be able to complete a giant painting in only two days' or work (I didn't touch if after the first post until 90 minutes ago) would be awesome. I work so slow and meticulous with every other medium, but painting is GO TIME!

This last step was to tighten up and fill in the periwinkle color, so the image is going to be a bit intense in that regard. (Also, I've stolen another digital camera, which does change how it's photographed.) Next step is to bring back the browns. Then it's black and white line time. Then the background color. Then denial about any changes that need to be made. Then it will be time in which I dance around and IN YOUR FACE everyone who doubted me. Fool! I shall destroy you all! Look on my paintings, ye mighty, and DESPAIR!

So, yeah, I can finish the painting or take a nap. Either one's good, really.


Edit: Only the background remains! This will be done tonight.

Also, this new camera is crappy, but it *did* give me a poor photo with slightly more accurate colors.

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