Sunday, March 15, 2009

Time After Time (Annelise)

Yes, she got her name from the R.E.M. song.

Annelise Ellen Rose, the painting may not honor you fully, but it's oddness is fully appropriate. You are a woman who is described as being slightly out of proportion at every attribute, leading to a face that is reasonably attractive, yet with something wrong about it. The painting lives up to a woman who is confident in herself, but hiding a physical awkwardness. (She also wears corrective,clunky shoes and has those thick glasses.)

Adding strips to the shirt was a risk, but I think it paid off. To me it looks like a strange knit sweater worn by a librarian or something. Hey! Annelise *is* a glorified librarian! Sweet! We're done here.

On to Sebastian, who may or may not get a separate post. (It depends on how much gets done before I fall asleep.)

I swear I'll get back to Precocious stuff soon enough, but these paintings have been waiting for MONTHS! Also, I got spoiled with my big HDTV monitor. Working on the strip just isn't as entertaining on the laptop alone. If you still need a Precocious fix, click on my DeviantArt link on the right and go buy a print or something. Some fine art is available there too!

Edit: Here he is!

Late night artistry took hold here, and I kinda like it. Sebastian is wearing a cloak that reflects his surroundings, which is a fair interpretation of his character. He's a performer, so his pay depends on reading his crowd and adapting to their tastes. As an information hound and gossip, he also makes a point of absorbing all "local flavor" he can. When you're the stranger in a new town every night, it's best to know as much as you can. Without social savvy, the predators out there will get you.

The diamond theme on his clothing (it'll be made clearer with red oxide soon) is part of the Maquette story. Sebastian is somewhat of a martinet. He will accept any restriction on freedom the law gives him, because without protection from the law a constant traveler is akin to ripe fruit on the vine. Law is society, and some sacrifices are needed for a greater freedom. He'll go nuts right up until things get iffy, then he shuts it all down. Even being suspected of breaking the law is bad news for him, because who trusts the guy who strolled into town, did some tricks and then passed around a collection hat?


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