Sunday, March 29, 2009

What I've Learned from Google Analytics

1. "Precocious" is harder to spell than I thought
2. "Knowledge is a Weapon" is easier to spell, and gets the same results
3. I can plaster my name over EVERYTHING, and people will still Google "Paulson" >:-[
4. Furries like me! (I like you too!)
5. Non-furries are highly indifferent to me! (Don't fursecute my kids, you bigots!)
6. One bigger comic linking to me will triple my traffic. An ad blitz gets me plus 10%, maybe.
7. Having a day with a minimal ad push, however, causes traffic to plummet
8. Only one bigger comic has featured me, but links pages do bring in a newbie or so a day
9. Installing Analytics on low-traffic sites can crush the soul (Hello to the other 10 people who read this!)
10. No one clicks on my Twitter links. I CLICK ON (most of) YOURS, PEOPLE!
11. I totally fail at the StumbleUpon social game. Some get thousands of hits from it. I get one a day.
12. The only page that gets less hits than my artist bio is the page about my friends. Ouch for all of us.
13. I should totally be doing a gag-a-day comic about hot chicks playing video games in manga format with cell shading
14. One noscript plugin can render a reader invisible to Analytics, so I can safely assume thousands of people are doing that, right?

I was going to do a painting update, but I put it off until I'm further along with both paintings. I made it to the computer anyway to look up lyrics for the new Decemberists album, which is awesome. Midnight passed during this, so I just *had* to open Analytics...

Anyway, today's blogging will be far improved once the paintings make it on later.

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