Saturday, March 7, 2009

He who has the coolest stuff wins

This is a selfish post in which I dance around and brag. Read on at your own risk.

My DeviantArt Precocious mug came in! The quality is highly excellent, so I suggest going out and buying Precocious stuff for yourself, you friends and you family. (My flower paintings are also in there, if you want prints of those.) I make, like, two cents profit each time. Woah, my visit back to DeviantArt also revealed that I had some watchers! Wow! Now... now I have performance anxiety.

Also up for bragging: Check out the nifty 3D print paperweight my brother made me for Chrispmas! As I have no desk space, it sits on display with all my other treasures. Unfortunately, those luscious bottle, just like me, are mostly-to-completely empty inside. I just can't bear to throw them out, since it would reveal my liquor collection was down to rarely-usable stuff and bum wine bottles added as a joke. I miss my croranges. (Grand Marnier + cranberry juice.) *sigh*

Also up for bragging is my brand new GOD OF ALL MONITORS! With the transition to my laptop, which is twice as fast and ten times as reliable as my old desktop, my computer situation has significantly improved. I am now able to have GIANT photoshop files open for DAYS at a time - and do tons of other photoshop projects on top of that. Woo!

You can also get a sexy look into my workspace. The light table in the background has turned into a movable drawing table, so I'm there a lot. That and the new monitor are both birthday gifts to myself, and both are so far huge successes. Do I know me or what? That would be The Pre-History of the Far Side which is functioning as a mouse pad. (Gee, guess why I had *that* out.) My addiction to caffeine-free diet Pepsi is on certainly on display, making the "COKE!" graffiti in the first pic even more absurd. (You had to be there.) On the walls we have posters and clippings for my music loves, including REM, The B-52's, Natalie Merchant, Bjork, Tori Amos and... Kurt Vonnegut? So it goes. The painting is a self-portrait my father made when he was in high school. I'm not actually sentimental at all - rather, I hung it there to get it out of the way while I waited for idiot bro to take it. Anyway, my art would be hanging above the scanner.

Alright, I'm rambled so much even I'm bored with myself, and talking about myself is my favorite thing, so you must be in excruciating agony. Good, you should feel bad because MY STUFF IS COOLER THAN YOURS! (Note: that is not a challenge. Please don't burst my bubble.)


Applejinx said...

You should be using this instead of trying to make a comment section on your comic page. I was going to say so on your comic page comment section, but it was going to be such a pain to make yet another login for something that I didn't bother.

Ironic, no?

Christopher J Paulsen said...

You know, I had already forgotten I had that box on the page. (It didn't show up on the local site.) It's gone, and I replaced its news item with your advice.