Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's black and white and Siamese all over?

Work has begun on the next Precocious storyline, which will be in vibrant black and white. Go to hell, color! Expect a regret post once I start the hand lettering again. Hey, I'll be better off for it! Right?

So here's the Hu family again, in the sketch made for the first panel. They are clearly bringing happiness and light to our world.

You know, going with Siamese kitties is great and all - but in pure black and white? I gotta work hard to make them expressive, since I have fewer options with their mouths.

I fear the inking, so I'll just keep sketching out strips! 5/18 done so far. Let's see how many I can finish before heading back to DC tomorrow. (For those not paying attention, DC means blog posts about painting!)

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