Monday, March 23, 2009

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Marilee!

After working my butt off yesterday, daddy's tired. Rather than share something interesting and dynamic, I'll show off the latest early-stage painting.

This is Marilee Ruth Bishop, another of the Maquette ladies. She is not merry. This painting doesn't really do her justice yet, as it makes her look like she's about 10 years older than she is. Also, she looks like she's made of ice. Part of that's because I've only played with a limited palette so far, and part is due to a poor-qualify photo.

I took a risk with this one in painting the window shape, and I'm not sure it'll work. Marilee is first seen through a window, staring coldly. She's not actually *at* the window like this - it's the audience looking in at her - but painting a tiny figure in the background would be sacrificing quality for accuracy no one cares about. Going forward, I want to stylize the painting more and more. Maybe I'll blend the figure into the window frame, making her look like a ghostly figure. (Which is a good fit for the character, really.) I dunno what exactly I'll do, but I need to activate the space. The "patiently waiting in line" look just doesn't bring the mysteriousness as it should.

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