Monday, March 16, 2009

Forgetting the awkward phase in life

I've been mulling over joining Kidjutsu the past few days, and it's given me a kick start on *another* project... redrawing the early strips. Wait! Don't facepalm yet! I'm only aiming at the first 17 strips, which were done months before the rest (save the obviously incongruous strip 11) and really show it. I don't even need to redraw ALL the strips, just the really egregiously bad ones! (I'd also go back and redraw a bad panel here and there... like the last one in 24 and the third in 40.) I've even tried to make the new old strips look a tad unevenly drawn to make the transition smoother. While I'm doing this, if I want to use my AWESOME PRECOCIOUS FONT to re-do the dialog in some to tighten things up and/or upgrade a punchline... Ooh!

I do this not only because of self-loathing artistry, but for the sake of future profit. I want these intro stories to be stand-alone pieces, and readers expect stories to be uniformly drawn. I could also use the confidence boost that comes from improved drawings to create my own Gender Wars books - to sell at future conventions? Ooh!

Setting up in Kidjutsu would also require a format change, as it's set up more for a graphic novel form. This means turning my one row of four panels into a two-by-two affair. I believe all strips that would got into issues would adapt well. If I do that, I'd be doing a lot of re-scanning. And if I re-scan, then I'd make sure this time to save high-resolution versions of my black and white strips, which means I'll have them ready for future publishing in any format! Ooh!

In summary: I have a stone in my hand and I am ready to commit bird genocide.

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