Friday, March 6, 2009

This is why we have Rule #4

Instead of doing much-needed work on building up the comic buffer today, I went off on a creative tangent... FOR ADVERTISING! It's a creative exercise: How do I translate a horizontal comic into a vertical skyscraper ad? The first one was taking strip#18 and moving around so it worked vertically. It was ok, I guess, but I wanted something more dynamic. Something made to be an ad. Something dynamic. Or, barring that, something with dynamite.

I'll be coloring this sometime (maybe today, maybe not) and putting it into rotation. Hopefully it will compel people to click on the ad, despite a line of "what could go wrong?" or something like that.

In other news, MY NEW TV/MONITOR ARRIVED! Unlike my other HDTV, which I toyed with after I gave the first TV/monitor to my mother, this one is smart enough to function! I get great resolution on a big bright screen! Thank goodness I made the swatch list yesterday, because otherwise I'd be adjusting colors for this in-your-face brightness. My eyes are toast, but I seriously do not care. IT IS A WALL OF BRILLIANT AWESOME! Seriously, if this doesn't entice me to sit down and color like a mad man, then I am beyond hope. The only thing holding me back is the constant urge to do a happy dance. (Of course, I could always check my Project Wonderful stats to depress me. I got majorly spoiled by that three-day traffic spike.)

Edit: Went ahead did the coloring right away, so enjoy the final vision. (It's on the right, if you're an idiot and need that pointed out.)

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