Thursday, March 5, 2009

The strip that keeps on failing

You first saw this strip when it got cut because it made no sense in black and white. Then I went the extra mile and decided to make the parents arc in color after all, so back in it went. THEN I drew a second strip #71, which was far superior than little #74 here. I have room for 36 strips (five weeks, plus last Sunday's) and one strip had to go. *chop* Away you go! Don't feel bad, buff joke! Look how far you got this time! You made it all the way to the inking stage. I put in the word bubble and border! Then I reached it in the pile. I looked at it. I realized what a BITCH it is to color all these things, and I decided inking a doomed strip was just not worth the effort.

Stay tuned for posts from the distant future, when I am putting together bonus material for a Precocious book. It'll probably be cut from that too.

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