Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sketching? What's that?

Remember when I was churning through a new sketchbook every two to three weeks? Now, it feels like I go that time *between* sketches. Is this bad news? Heck no! It means I'm working on the product. I'm keeping most of my promises! (I'd say all, but that puts me at risk of someone doing the research I totally was too lazy to do.)

Once I had my main characters set years ago, I rarely deviated from developing them. Look, it's a process that can only be accomplished through repetition. I'm doing all I can to get through the awkward early years stage, so drawing random figures isn't the priority!

And this sketch reflects that mindset. This isn't in the comfort zone, and it's not taking me in any exciting direction, but it's a sketch on Saturday. Enjoy the random furry chicks? Success?

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