Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who watches the watcher?

The character of Sebastian Miro is not only a nod to my favorite artist. Miro is also Spanish for "I watch." I'M REALLY CLEVER! Sebastian and his fellow performers watch the audience far more intently than the audience watches them. They adapt to the scene and adjust themselves to keep control. It's how to survive when under intense scrutiny. (I mean, is that a face you can trust?)

This painting is not that successful, but it's at a suitable "done for now" stage. I might take it on later with a photo reference, since I can't do myself justice here. I kinda like the raw nature of the painting, since it shows the painting process. Sebastian, by law, must be transparent in his actions; thus he must keep detailed logs of his activity. That doesn't excuse the painting from sucking, but it at least gives it some meta points.

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