Friday, March 13, 2009

It's DC; it must be painting

I'm back in DC again, which means access to a nice sturdy easel and giant canvasses. Painting mode: activated!

Painting mode: modified! I have all these unfinished Maquette paintings, representing a series of wall-hitting and general apathy. They are bite-sized compared to what I've been working on, so what's the trouble? Let's see if I can knock 'em out!

Oh, goddammit, can I not paint anymore? I ruined Annelise's hair, and each attempt to fix only made it worse. The hands came out ok, so at least I have that. You know, so she can become real and punch me for giving her hair out of a playing card.

Sebastian is coming along alright. This was formerly a selfish-portrait thing, but the character of Sebastian kinda looks exactly. like. me. So I can make it sexier than I am, claim it's him plus artistic license and throw it in my Maquette series!

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