Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hopping on the bandwagon!

Well, at least ONE Pennsylvania team isn't making the Super Bowl. I can't bear to watch the other game unfold, as I don't think things are going well. I'm trying not to check in, as the Ravens only seem to score when I turn off the TV. Yeah, yeah, I know. I see it this way: If a stupid sports fan superstition means I don't watch a team I like lose against a team I despise - alright! If they win, I will still be happy! Yay ignorance!

I do seriously enjoy that the widely-proclaimed "worst team to ever make the playoffs" is going to the Super Bowl. Suck it, haters! If every team I root for shit the bed this season, I might as well root for the best story.

Instead of the game, I am watching Big Love from On Demand! The plan is to ink a pile of strips. If accomplished, it would put me two weeks ahead!

Edit: I caved and checked on the game. Sure enough, that was when Flacco finally realized he was a rooking and make sure all jackasses in the area are happy. I HATE WHEN AWFUL PEOPLE ARE HAPPY! If only we had gone to Buffalo Wild Wings... that could have reversed the jinx! Or is that only when Dana is there? I BLAME YOU, DANA! Man, it's hard to keep track of nonsensical superstitions. Anyway, I hope someone finally goes through with my plan and paves over all of Pennsylvania. We need the parking space more than the people. Just sayin'...

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