Friday, January 9, 2009

Every day is like Sunday

Goodness, I hope not. I'll take the football, but the whole large-strip-in-color thing will drive me mad.

Today I got ambitious and tried to make a Precocious Sunday strip. It was going well until everyone died. I used a Sunday template I had sitting around and that meant the panel sizes would be smaller than normal. Because of that, I inked with tech pen only. The precision probably took its toll on me, as I was soon making mistake after mistake. Enough! Sunday strips will come LATER. I did some token coloring on one part, during which I realized I really need to set standard colors of my characters *before* I start colorizing, but if this comic ever appears online it will be black and white like the rest. I just can't allow myself to overload myself with more challenges when I'm barely scraping by with competency now! Ah well, it was a learning experience at least.

Edit: Ok, maybe I will colorize this one after all. Just don't expect it *this* Sunday...

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