Saturday, January 10, 2009

The power of negative thinking!

Today I woke up with the plan to keep with the publicizing effort going. So far I've put the strip on a few lists... and hoped for divine intervention! I have to keep submitting the strip to portal sites, start socializing on message boards and - this is the scariest - write to web cartoonists I adore and see if I can get some advice/assistance. I feel like such a tool doing that, and I have no clue what to say. I'd likely send the email equivalent of "Duuuurrrrrrrrrr," and make a fool of myself.

Suddenly, playing around with color isn't so bad! That's just tedious. Tedious > Awkward!

After my bold declaration of not making Sunday strips, with the bold edit of not having a strip for THIS Sunday... I will have the strip ready for Sunday after all. Having lost complete control of myself, I went ahead an colorized Monday's strip as well. Color strips *do* look spiffy! Also, they mean strip creation takes twice as long. Also, if I colorize strips, I have to save each original in the hi-res form in case I'm ever cool enough to justify a published collection. Also, color strips make publishing costs go way up. Also, I am not getting paid for this. See, if that last issue is taken care of, all the others go away.


Anonymous said...

Cool colors, and it does look quite spiffy. One question though: if you're not getting paid, why do you do this comic? And a question for myself: why do I slave on making my story updates every Saturday or Sunday? The answer: fans and reviews. :)

Christopher J Paulsen said...

Like all artists, I do the comic because otherwise I'd go completely insane without a method to purge ideas. (That is, if I'm not insane already.) Sanity is my only bargaining chip until I can win over fans, plural. ;-) One bonus: Spiffy colors might help get attention. Man, I haven't even thought of submitting the strip to review sites yet. There's so much to do when one starts to publicize!

Coloring is an interesting challenge. If I can find a way to justify 90 minutes a day to do it, it could be worthwhile. (This is where I mention the reason I can put so much work into the comic is because I'm currently an unemployed freeloader.. so what else am I doing?)