Sunday, January 25, 2009

Action Comix

As of this moment, I am three weeks ahead in comic production. As of one hour from now, I will be two weeks and five days ahead in production. As of two hours from now, uh, the same - but closer to three weeks ahead than before!

Tonight sketching begins for the week of dessert-themed violence. Now, drawing action is not my strong suit, but the goal is to make an "artful" comic and that means no cop-out static layouts. (I still say I should make a constrained comic about computer programming, video games and wikipedia-fueled commentary - populated by pixelated anthropomorphic creatures. THE T-SHIRTS I COULD SELL!) Being an artful comic would be easier if my art was, oh, artful - but I'm still a novice, dammit! Every damn strip I am trying SOMETHING new, and that means mixed results. (Bonus: By concentrating on the hard parts, I screw up the easy to draw! The upcoming Suzette strips are disgraceful, I'm sad to say.)

Anyway, these action sketches are nearly as awful as I thought, so optimism prevails! Another positive is that I am under no obligation to draw full bodies on the frame, so there's less chance to botch a complex perspective. Do you realize how SCARY it is to draw Bud from behind and Autumn on her back? Two-dimensional cartoon characters aren't designed to be viewed from crazy angles! It requires skill and, uh, deep voodoo powers to get those looks right.

So... voodoo time?

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