Thursday, January 15, 2009

My poor neglected sketchbook

As noted several times before, when I'm doing productive work I am usually doing sketch stuff. For fine art, sharing progress is wonderful and encouraged. For comics, posting a punchline because I like the drawing is not a bright thing to do. It's a daily. You'll SEE it shortly. Doubling up either makes you ignore the blog or ignore the comic. (If you weren't ignoring me already. Yeah, I am looking at you ALMOST EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE!) Also, I had just done that crime in the post below. I had to force myself to sit down today and actually use my sketchbook. I tried to play around, but nothing was happening. So I had to do it... CONCEPT ART FOR AN UPCOMING STORYLINE! It's not actual comic context, but rather a chilling view of things to come! Spoiler alert: Max is having a birthday party.

I'm about to start working on that story, which will start on the 26th. The current goal is to finish two comics a day. If I can do that, a nice sized buffer will build up - I'm already a week ahead - which may allow me to relax and stop this manic obsession thing. One of these days I have to get back to the fine arts. It's like living in a house stocked with sweets and nothing more. Just because you love to eat everything available doesn't mean you don't start craving savory delicacies instead.

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