Sunday, January 11, 2009

In vivid technicolor!

Wait, what? Hey, not all colored panels are *colored* panels!

My coloring experiment has reached an end. (For now.) The result is one full week of awesome color! After that, we'll see how it goes. Colorizing doubles the production time for each strip, so that's a recipe for early burnout. I did not spend four years re-learning how to draw to prematurely evacuate this strip! (Again: If I can jump the line from "hobby" to "career" then all restrictions fall away. I love doing this, but I risk dying of starvation if I exclude all other things for it.)

Possible solutions:
1) Suck it up and keep going.
2) Aim for a daily black and white comic
3) Aim for a Monday/Wednesday/Friday color comic
4) Get my ass into grad school so I can devote my life to cartooning AND get course credit!

I'm stopping the list there, because I like scenario lists in which every possibility counts as a success.

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