Monday, January 5, 2009

Life in the fast lane

This is one of my attempts to shed some of Precocious' ingrained evil and create some Ozy and Millie-style sweetness. I wasn't going to share this sketch, but Andrew convinced me it was worth inking. Artists never know which of their pieces others will like. This is why soliciting feedback is so important - even it makes one come off as whiny and needy.

Today was a coma day. I slept in a bit late, only to find my evil black cat sleeping with me. It was so precious, I didn't want to disturb her! Back to sleep I went... only to wake at 2:30PM. Criminy, that's an epic amount of sleep. The cat, of course, was still snuggling. As today was a bed-in day, I passed the time reading the latest Peanuts release with the periodic company of all three cats.

It's kinda fun to be able to relax. Sure, there's about a thousand things I need to do to save my pitiful life - but the immediate deadlines are covered! Precocious updates are covered until Thursday, and I'm going back to work later in hopes of building up a bigger backlog of strips. All in all, I should be running around while screaming - but I think I'll just relax and enjoy life today.

Check back here tomorrow, when I'm screaming, crying and cutting due to stress! It's the ciiiirrrcclllleeee of liiiiiiiiiffffeeeeee....

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