Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hypothermia is the hip new trend

I am getting reaaaalllly tired of this brutal cold. Heat is being leeched from our house so fast that the heat pump can't keep up. I have resorted to sealing my room to keep the heat in, dressing in layers, drinking hot liquids and starting fires to keep warm. I'm even running my dehumidifier, despite it being so dry my skin is crunchy and static electricity builds up so much to incapacitate a person, just because it also generates a bit of heat. I'm eating whatever is available here, since going outside causes the circulation in my extremities to shut down. Look, I'm normally a shut-in, but I like to be in control of that! This is getting ridiculous.

Edit: Notice how I misspelled "chatter" each time, and didn't even correct it the second time. I also didn't erase the blue between Bud's tail and leg. IT'S THE COLD'S FAULT!

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