Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Work work work...

As I've said many times, the days I am working are the days I am not making sharable sketches. Today was an inking day, which will soon turn into a "completing new comics" days. Yay!

Fortunately for you, ink takes time to dry. For a while I would go and sketch out new comics while ink dried, and then I ran into a difficult comic that made me give up on that. New tactic: I had a sheet of Bristol board with sketches done for inking practice. (It's the source for my "sweet" pictures.) While waiting for ink to dry, I'll just INK SOME MORE!

The figures here aren't that interesting, but they were just for practice. You'll not the absence of Autumn here... that practice sketch did not go well. I have a nice Suzette, but all the others were close enough to scan in one sweep and she was across the page. Sorry, Suzette, you got left out again.

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