Sunday, January 4, 2009

The age of punters...

In football, no one appreciates the kickers. They are just weird people who hang around to do one thing; and they keep inviting teammates to parties even though no one ever comes. (This is why I went with Suzette for the sketch.) Many of them are so misguided, they started life playing the *other* football. It's like they got confused, wandered into the wrong stadium and the couch said, "Hey, why not?"

The theme of the playoffs so far: PUNTERS ARE GODS! Last night Mike Scifres was unpronounceably good, pinning the Colts next to the end zone all game. Today, Sam Koch wrecked the Dolphins' self-esteem all day with uncanny skill in pinning them deep. Must be the creatively-spelled names. ("Ciphers and Cook were our slave names!") While the Ravens ended up dominating the Dolphins in nearly every aspect, field position was the only thing holding Peyton Manning at bay in San Diego. In both game, punters crushed the spirits of the evil teams and therefore they are my heroes.

Now it's time to root for the Vikings to knock out the Eagles. Shit. Their punter, Chris Kluwe, is goddamn awful and single-footedly responsible for losing a few games for his team. He *does* have the strange surname though, so there's still a chance!

(Maybe I should change Suzette's last name to Graedhe...)

On the comic front, tonight the first regular update will happen. Yay! I have four strips finished and ready for scanning, so no stress tonight! The next strips I draw will feature the new Roddy. It shall be magnificent!

Impromptu football live-blogging edit: Kluwe's first punt resulted in EPIC FAIL. Spell your name right, jerk. You are not deserving of the scrabble-draw name!

Re-edit: Game over and I blame the punter for the loss. Go back to playing WoW, Kluwe. You stink worse than a hungover orc.

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